Holy Spinning Shining Chakra

This is part of Linda Hill’s SoCS. The prompt is “sign”.

For many years I have been trying to understand the chakras. I have had a great deal of difficulty figuring out the location, color, purpose etc.

I searched for meditation on iTunes and found Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation by Greg di Vries and followed the journey into my chakras.

At first it was not very difficult for me because I have been practicing picturing a bright white ball of energy traveling through my body for years. I was able to understand the different areas – root to crown – with ease and I could picture the colored balls of energy being charged by the white light.

I had no trouble repeating the mantras – I am safe, I am love, I am sound – being but a few. I found it really relaxing and enjoyable to imagine each area being cleared.

It was when I got to the throat chakra when I really started to feel the tingling. I have a thyroid condition and I took this as a SIGN that this area needed more work than the others.

When I got to the third eye chakra my mind started to wander. It’s a 40 minute meditation so it isn’t surprising that my mind would wander close to the end, but what it was telling me was another SIGN. I kept thinking, holy chakra, wow, I’m feeling this!

It was easier to imagine or visualize the white light coming into my head and mixing with the golden ball of energy in my crown. After all, it didn’t have far to travel. I also had a good idea of what gold looks like. 🙂

When it was over I had the most wonderful feeling of peace. It was as though there was nothing wrong with my body, and my mind was perfectly stilled. I couldn’t believe how great I felt.

I felt like going to the river and stopped half-way down just to soak up the beauty..


I found myself walking further, but I had to stop so I didn’t disturb a feast.


Bee on Thistle

I do believe this is a honeybee. I am no expert, but I at least hope it is. I took this as a SIGN that bees have not abandoned these fair woods.

I love thistles. They have a special place in my heart for reasons I won’t divulge, but I love them even more now because there were several bees communing together among the purple flowers.

Eventually they flew to another patch and I continued to the water. I even put my feet in and enjoyed the refreshing feeling of purification. It was difficult going back up the hillside with wet, slippery flip flops, but I managed eventually. It was as though I was being given a SIGN that going back to the normal routine of life was going to be something I needed to do slowly. I must remember to tread lightly.

For the rest of the day I read a book. Then I watched The Secret Life of Pets and Minions  as this summer is about being a child again.

When I woke this morning I felt so much stronger and I had no trouble with the yoga practice, though I can’t do downward dog for as long as the instructor does. Still, I could do the beginning sitting cross legged without my limbs complaining.

All in all, it was a good day yesterday. I am very grateful and I will continue to look for the SIGNS that all is well in my little world.



I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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5 comments on “Holy Spinning Shining Chakra
  1. joey says:

    When I first started chakra meditation, it seemed the chakras troubled me in order, from sacral to throat, and to this day, the throat is where I seem to store crap. Words unspoken, tension, frustration. Sometimes I just hang out there a while.
    Doing yoga while practicing chakra meditation is like extra credit. Work that stuff out! 😛
    I love thistle, too. It’s underrated. It’s one of the longest-lasting blips of color in our wildflowers here.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the lake.

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  2. Jami Carder says:

    I’ve been working on Chakra meditation for a few years now. All my Chakras were closed when I first started, but I was able to open them up after some time. I’ve found that if I stop my practice, they close up again. It’s like learning to play an instrument….you’ve got to keep going to lessons and you’ve got to keep practicing…

    Liked by 1 person

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