Some Garden Friends are Living

I have been busy in my gardens, just haven’t gotten around to posting about all my progress. 

This out-of-shape gardener decided to start tackling the mess that is the Angel Garden today.
I started with the most beloved grave, that of the offsprings’ beloved first pet.

As I weeded, I set aside the stone with her name painted on it. I thought how lovely it will be when I uncover all the other stones that have names of my loved ones who now live with the angels. 

I also thought about what plants I might find around the property to fill the garden. 

Our boiler seems to be ready for its own stone in the Angel Garden and the cost of replacing it is enough that buying new plants seems unlikely.

Then I had a pleasant encounter,  even more pleasurable than uncovering my gnome friends. 

I said, “Well, hello, sweet thing, aren’t you a darlin’?” Apparently I have become a southern.

It’s nice to have something alive in a garden for the deceased.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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One comment on “Some Garden Friends are Living
  1. joey says:

    Aw, lol, yes, you are officially Southern in that respect 😉

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