These Fair Woods

When I first arrived in These Fair Woods it was known by another name. So was I.

These Fair Woods is a peaceful land. A wonderful house is nestled among trees, on a hill, overlooking a body of water. Humans live in this home. The humans are not the focus of These Fair Woods.

When people walk past the property I suspect most see something a bit run down, a bit undesirable. We, the inhabitants, like that just fine. People don’t notice all the homes within the woods, the hill, the water. They are too human to see.

But I see them, sometimes with my eyes, sometimes with my imagination. If you would like to see them as well, please click on any of the links below. Feel free to come back often as new homes and inhabitants will be added.

None of the inhabitants featured are at all bothered by your seeing them. They do not feel at all threatened. There are a few who are camera shy. Maybe someday you will chance upon These Fair Woods in your travels, maybe then you will see the mystical beauties with your own eyes!


Friendly Flamingos



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