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May the Maestro Cue the Zen

As part of the first twelve days collection, today ends May. On January 5th I said I wanted May to go away. I feel exactly like that today. Goodbye May! May was like this beautiful rose. It had its moments

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The Sweet Rewards of Chauffeuring the Employed

It was bound to happen and it finally did. One of the offspring has the ability to drive (and drives quite well indeed) but is only “permitted” to drive with a licensed driver who has had a full-license for over

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Perhaps it’s Called Lame for a Reason

Yes, I managed to make a nice recording of my voice. Well, nice might be a stretch, but it’s a recording. Yes, I managed to set up an account with a podcast host so I should be able to upload

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Coming Soon, A Voice

Okay, I admit I got a little behind in my coursework during April. The courses were supposed to be completed at least a week ago and I still have four sessions left. Today is very rainy and this gives me

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Review and Renew

This is a continuation of my January Awareness series. Let’s start with reviewing the month of April. On January 4th, I wrote What They Say About April and May. I predicted that April would have an unexpected challenge to complete a project

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