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Shots Fired That’s All There Is

Heads up – I am being fairly sarcastic in this. If you don’t understand sarcasm, don’t read. I was just reading commentary how all the news in Europe focused on the closing of everything in Brussels because of the threat of

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Not a Turkey

My flamingo wanted to check the turkey pan for its comfort. He decided it was very nice – for a turkey. This Thanksgiving, my flamingo is thankful he is not a turkey!   He decided to help with the cooking.

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Frosty Flamingos

An odd thing happened in these fair woods last night. When I woke this morning and walked the beast, I noticed the windows in my vehicle were no longer transparent. That was not too surprising; I had seen frost on

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To Roast Two Poor Red Peppers is Too Much

I am ashamed of myself. I just ate some hummus that was called, “Roasted Red Pepper.” It made me think. Why is it only the red peppers get roasted? Have you ever seen anything made with roasted green peppers, yellow

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Viewing a Brand New World

My flamingos have been exploring These Fair Woods for a long time – well at least since the spring. They are a little concerned about the changes in temperature. They are not sure how they will survive in the winter,

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The Minute Hand Beats the Rhythm to all Things Happen for a Reason

So, I know they say all things happen for a reason. I just don’t always know what the reason is. It all started with the alarm going making its daily noise. Typical way to start the day, I know. The

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Assisted Living Is Still Living

It was a nice home, painted yellow with white trim and surrounded by green grass and shrubbery. The turnaround in front was reminiscent of formal driveways of the rich and famous. Inside was a receiving hall with cozy seating arrangements

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