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One Liner Wednesday – Best Decision

I am jumping into the One Liner Wednesday simply because I had my yearly (female) physical today and when asked the usual question, I had to laugh at my “one line”.   I gave up menstruating 13 months ago, best

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There’s a Billy Joel Song for Everything 

Did you know I am a fan of Billy Joel?  Did you know why? When I was in 7th grade I had to write a report on a musician.  I chose Billy Joel, probably because there was some tension in

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Holy Spinning Shining Chakra

This is part of Linda Hill’s SoCS. The prompt is “sign”. For many years I have been trying to understand the chakras. I have had a great deal of difficulty figuring out the location, color, purpose etc. I searched for

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Some Garden Friends are Living

I have been busy in my gardens, just haven’t gotten around to posting about all my progress.  This out-of-shape gardener decided to start tackling the mess that is the Angel Garden today. I started with the most beloved grave, that

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Cheers to the Brain Drain

Today is the start of my favorite time of year – Summer Vacation. I counted the days on my calendar and realized we have 83 days of summer this year. When I realized this, I had a new understanding of

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The Blackberry Garden

  Welcome to the Blackberry Garden. Shall we look at it from another angle? Can you tell why it’s called the Blackberry Garden? I suspect it might be a little challenging to see the blackberries. I could only see them

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The Out of Shape Gardener: Well, Hello There

I am starting a new series: The Out of Shape Gardener. I’m sure you can imagine how I got the name, but just in case you need clarification, I am out of shape and a self proclaimed gardener – though others

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