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Because I Don’t Know Everything 

Today is Thursday and apparently it is not simply a door’s day, but it is also a texture day for many bloggers. I liked  a post by Narami that caused me to look twice at the picture posted. It reminded me

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Not a Weed or Flower 

While weeding my flower garden that boarders the pool, I found something that is neither a weed nor a flower. It is a tomato plant. I don’t know what type of tomato,  but I told it that – technically –

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Because Angels Know

Because the angels know my heart’s desire It happened Because the angels knew they could not return the humans I’ve lost It happened Because the angels knew there was no way to take away the sadness in the news It

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Just Playing a Game

I was cleaning the dishes with my mind set on today’s goal of getting the kitchen clean at the very least. I started thinking about why I was cleaning my kitchen. My thoughts wandered to the idea of selling my

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Happy Tag

I have been nominated for the Happiness tag by a new friend, Frankie. While I try to avoid these things, I can’t resist something that has the word happy in it. I will not be nominating anyone to continue this

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Wednesday Weigh-in: Week Three

Reflections: Well, it has not been a week when I have posted my daily food, mostly because I have not been completely creative. I did make spaghetti squash without any oil. Normally I would cut it, coat it with oil,

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New Arrival

An interesting discovery while playing outside today. The littles swear they didn’t bring him. I have never seen him before, but I welcome him. He seems to be protecting the property. At the very least, he has the gnomes’ backs.

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