Speaking to Break the Ice

I joined Toastmasters International this summer.

It is a group of people who meet and give speeches and take part in the meeting as “timer” or “evaluator” etc. I don’t really know what the jobs all are, I just joined.

Anyway, the reason people join is to brush up on their communication skills, or for better leadership.

I joined in the hopes of building my confidence in speaking in front of people and presenting my ideas. I really want to be a motivational speaker, so I must start somewhere.

I am going to do the icebreaker speech at the next meeting. That speech is intended to give me the first opportunity to speak in front of people and to introduce myself to the group. Instead of saying things like – I am a mother, wife, substitute teacher, writer etc., I am going to introduce myself by telling the audience about my beliefs.

I think you really don’t know much about people unless you know what they believe. Our beliefs shape us and influence all of our actions.

I am going to focus on how my beliefs have changed as I have grown. One main belief that I developed as a mother is the belief that we can only really live our own lives. I am living my life, my offspring live their own. It really helps me to relax when they make mistakes or go in a direction I would not consider. They are living their own lives, and that is just fine.

What beliefs do you have that you think shape your daily choices the most?

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The Summer is Ending

I have not been communicating this summer. I have been trying to keep my equilibrium enough to stay on my feet during the days.

I scheduled all the medical exams for myself and the offspring. There were quite a few I anticipated, and some I hadn’t. Those yearly exams and the “I’m old now” exams, were not exactly enjoyable, but knowing all the tests came back normal makes me happy. The unexpected  – 4 wisdom teeth pulled for one offspring, two separate tooth surgeries for another offspring, and a hospital visit, were slightly stressful and quite expensive.

I think it’s a good thing I hadn’t planned any vacation during this summer.

The most traumatic adventure of the summer was the beloved vehicle being rammed on the driver’s side while an offspring chauffeured the human. They had been having a lovely day. They both agree it was a great day prior to the accident. Reminds me of the old saying, “Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” Both thought the play was divine – though they really hadn’t been to the theater.

When the police arrived on the scene, they asked where the bodies were. They were certain someone had been ejected from the vehicles. Fortunately everyone was wearing a seat belt. Unfortunately, both vehicles were totaled.

The loss of a beloved vehicle is tragic, and it takes time to heal from the loss. However, I did NOT lose a loved one. I am immensely thankful for that.

I think the best message to gain from this summer is – get the best insurance you can, doctor visits and car repairs are expensive, the insurance makes it more bearable.

Take care of yourself and have yearly exams – the earlier something is found, the more likely to have a full recovery. Same thing for cars, get your oil changed, have the service done, keep your tires inflated. The better you care for your vehicle, the longer it will last – unless, of course, it is t-boned. The fact that you just got new tires and your oil changed is kind of ironic when your car gets totaled.

Anyway, I have given up on communicating simply because I have been trying to breathe. BUT summer is coming to an end and I must start doing something other than simply breathing.

Today I started reading blogs again and felt I could write something. Hopefully I will have it all worked out by September.

Tomorrow I am car shopping. Wish me luck!

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Don’t Ask Me Why

You might get the reference of the title being a Billy Joel Song.

You might remember my recent post titled, “There’s a Billy Joel Song for Everything.”

I could link it, but I am on my phone, spent hours in the pool and drank non-water beverages, so NO Linkies for you.😉

As for, “Don’t Ask Me why”…. I once argued with a college roommate that Billy actually sang “Ax” instead of “ask” because of his accent. I still hear ax most of the time, but I grew up in Jersey and my roommate didn’t. 

Anyway….. don’t ask me why there are traps in my garden and the youngest told me to unlock the front door while holding up the trap saying, “We shall call him Tom.”

Tom has been safely relocated outside the garden. I hope his digestion is alright without eating all my parsley. Was parsley what that rabbit in the story ate? My parsley is just nibs of stems. Stay out dear Tom.

Also fitting of don’t ask me why, my offspring gave me a rose bush for my birthday and I posted a picture of a blossom. Today I noticed a new blossom  (stem half broken) looked entirely different than the first.

This one has much more pink, but still creamy yellow. I love pink, but a mixture of all things flowing together is better.

Don’t Ask Me Why!

Mom was allergic to roses so this is the first time I could plant one.  I am so pleased this one is visible from a human perspective and not facing the ground.

This is a random posting, you may or may not find it enjoyable. Either way, don’t ask me why.

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Why Didn’t I Do This Before?

You all know the Youngest Offspring has been the DJ in my car for quite some time. 

Y’all know I now have iTunes on my computer and phone because the Youngest Offspring helped me in desperate times.

Did you know I casually commented to the Oldest Offspring that I would love to have earphones so I could listen to music on my phone while easily walking from room to room or (can’t bring computer and speakers) walking the beast?

Well, I have had headphones before, ear buds, headphones…. I have had many. Quite a few. They all seemed to fall into the hands of offspring who accused siblings of stealing theirs.

It’s, the plight of a mother who inevitably sacrifices her own desires for her offspring. 😐😇

Anyway, it happened. One day the Oldest Offspring came in the house and casually said, “here, Mom.”

They are wonderful, they have labeled buds – one left, one right. They apparently have the ability to push something and turn them off or to answer the phone, but I don’t get that yet. Still,  I can manage to pull the phone out of my back pocket to silence the music when the world demands my attention. 

Today I accomplished great things. I got a lot cleaned and I danced and lived happily one moment into the next.

I listened  to (and downloaded) whatever artist came to my mind…. Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Kid Rock, Queen, and Merle Haggard. I heard songs I don’t think I ever heard before and I loved it.

Now, because it’s been pouring from the skies all day, I am enjoying my wine and a book. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.  I wasn’t keen on reading an historical fiction book (not much on history) but this book basically (in my opinion) makes a mockery of the history in such a way that I just might have to research the real events.

Thankfully I have Google.

Why didn’t we have all this modern technology in the golden days?

I had a great day, how about you?

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One Liner Wednesday

This is for Linda Hill’s one liner Wednesday.


It doesn’t matter what others say about me. It only matters what I say about me.

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One Liner Wednesday – Best Decision

I am jumping into the One Liner Wednesday simply because I had my yearly (female) physical today and when asked the usual question, I had to laugh at my “one line”.


I gave up menstruating 13 months ago, best decision I ever made.

(still laughing)


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There’s a Billy Joel Song for Everything 

Did you know I am a fan of Billy Joel? 

Did you know why?

When I was in 7th grade I had to write a report on a musician.  I chose Billy Joel, probably because there was some tension in my home. I only know of this said tension from a story my sister told me in the last few years. Apparently my mother didn’t like the song “My Life” because my sister sang it with too much inflection. 🤣

Funny, Mom loved, “She’s Always a Woman to Me.” 

Guess music is temperamental, or rather, we really like what speaks to us.

I have been a fan ever since I researched him and his songs.

I have seen Billy Joel in concert. Once I went unable to move my head because of neck pains. After singing and dancing I realized the pain was gone. Billy Joel’s music is healing. 

My human tried to take me to a concert last year when Billy came to Baltimore, but it sold out within minutes of opening ticket sales. At least I have memories of the concerts I have seen.

So, as I said, there’s a Billy Joel song for everything.

Can you guess what song this made me sing?

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