The Sweet Rewards of Chauffeuring the Employed

It was bound to happen and it finally did.

One of the offspring has the ability to drive (and drives quite well indeed) but is only “permitted” to drive with a licensed driver who has had a full-license for over three years.

Of course the offspring could not resist the opportunity to be employed. It’s a great job for a youngster and pays money that doesn’t come out of my pocket. It’s really one of those perks of offspring aging.

Well, of course, it means I had to go to the school, pick up and chauffeur said offspring  to the place of employment.

Guess where that is.


An ice cream shop.     YUM!

I couldn’t resist a nice treat for myself.


The nice person behind the counter “flipped” it into a dish so it would make it home.


I took a bite as soon as I got home and it was still perfectly formed.

It’s mint with chocolate mint candies mixed in it. I had it dipped in chocolate because that is what makes it special. It’s what they used to call a “baby” cone because a small has two scoops, but the girl said, “One scoop?” so maybe she was just clarifying I knew what I was ordering, or they changed the term.


The point in time when my stomach said, “No more, thank you.”

I put the “left-overs” in the freezer. I will probably finish it in the next hour, but I felt quite full.

It was a great idea to bring it home. Nothing melted all over me AND I didn’t have to finish it in one sitting.

I hope the human does more of the chauffeuring this summer. I might get fat otherwise.

What have you had to drive your children to that turned out to be a reward rather than a punishment?

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Perhaps it’s Called Lame for a Reason

Yes, I managed to make a nice recording of my voice.

Well, nice might be a stretch, but it’s a recording.

Yes, I managed to set up an account with a podcast host so I should be able to upload my recording.

Yes, I understood the instructions on how to download LAME – a program that is supposed to be able to convert my Audacity recording to an MP3 version suitable for pod-casting.

Yes, I clicked on the button multiple times and at no point in time did it allow me to convert my recording.


Then, I get this prompt to allow it to change my computer – which in my understanding meant I was actually getting somewhere and I would in fact have it downloaded.



6 malware/viruses detected/deleted and all versions of LAME deleted from my computer and now I am at a standstill.

The problem is I am desperately behind in the course. SO behind, in fact, that the course is over and I have no way to contact the instructor.

I was already feeling pretty depleted last week. Want proof? According to my Fitbit, I slept a total of 43 hours and 51 minutes from Friday until this morning. My human was concerned I might be depressed.

I am NOT depressed. I am FRUSTRATED! I was worn out because of the non-stop stressors in my life, but I refuse to be stressed.

Does anyone have any recommendations for free downloads that are safe and secure that can convert my Audacity recording into an MP3 file?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Coming Soon, A Voice

Okay, I admit I got a little behind in my coursework during April. The courses were supposed to be completed at least a week ago and I still have four sessions left. Today is very rainy and this gives me an excuse to sit at my computer.

Now, for the beginning blogging and podcasting – I have made it to the podcasting portion, WOOHOO. Am I the only one that didn’t realize podcasting is simply recording your voice?

I mean, I knew I listened to Howard Stern on a podcast, but I was always used to listening to him on the radio so it wasn’t odd to me. It was his mode of communication. I don’t need to see him, or Robin Quivers, to be able to picture them sitting in the car with me.

When I started to listen to podcasts as part of the classwork, I found it odd that there were no visuals involved. I had to adjust my way of thinking so I considered this the same as listening to the radio. It’s actually pretty cool.

Now I have set up my computer and cell phone in order to be able to record a podcast and in a future lesson I will learn how to edit it. Then I will figure out how to upload it to my blog.

I know I can link Youtube videos to my blog without changing my WordPress plan, but I  am not sure how I will upload the podcast. I am certain it will be in a future lesson. If not, I guess it will be time to upgrade 🙂

Won’t you be excited to hear my voice?

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Review and Renew

This is a continuation of my January Awareness series.

Let’s start with reviewing the month of April. On January 4th, I wrote What They Say About April and May. I predicted that April would have an unexpected challenge to complete a project and that there would be some setbacks, but I would be unstressed and able to accomplish some things. Yes, there were setbacks – lots of setbacks and several “stressbacks”, but all in all it was a good month.

I was able to complete the AtoZchallenge and that in itself is quite an accomplishment. My March review indicated I thought I would write 1,000 words per day. That’s a laugh – I wrote nothing. Not one single word – at least for my book. I did write the Alphabet Soup series.

Oh, well, if I remember correctly, I didn’t write on January 4th either. Maybe I should concentrate on writing in the first 12 days of 2018 to set a precedent.

Now for the start of May…..

Well, it WAS titled Dear May, Go Away on January 5th. Yesterday was an extremely stressful day. It seemed that if there was the possibility that something could go wrong, it would and in ways beyond the usual. I was really concerned that there were another 30 days to go and I knew I could not just go back to bed and hide under the blankets for 30 days.

I do admit there were some wonderful people helping me in my day. I am lucky that there are.

Today started off better. The major stress has been resolved, the minor stresses will be too. At least it isn’t (knock on wood) snowing today.

There are several things happening that I have little control over and I simply have to wait until they are completed. They have the potential of being quite upsetting, or they could be absolutely wonderful. I am hoping for the wonderful.

I don’t have any idea of a theme for May just yet. Any suggestions?

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Alphabet Soup – Z

May you have a Zany, Zen day.

May your enemies be Zapped to Zeroes.

That’s it folks, April is complete.

 I will do my April review and May start tomorrow as I am in the middle of Mexican Train right now. It’s rude to interrupt family day, but I had to complete this challenge. 

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Alphabet Soup – Y

May your day be Youthful and Yellow.


I love when yellow Tonka Trucks are found in a garden, ready to do business.


I think this is a helmet. I found it in my dear friend’s garden. A goofy yellow smile to brighten my day.


I yellow bumble bee pollinating my azalea. Praise be to the bees for without them we perish. Special note – may our enemies be without bees. 🙂


It’s blurry because it was flying, but there is a yellow butterfly. I saw one on my azalea, but it wouldn’t cooperate with my photography.

May your enemies be left Yearning.

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Alphabet Soup – X

Oh, this will require some thought. 

May you have a Xenial, Xenodochial

May your enemies be Xeric.*

* It may be a stretch, but I wouldn’t want to be “deficient of water”, would you? 

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