Don’t Ask Me Why

You might get the reference of the title being a Billy Joel Song.

You might remember my recent post titled, “There’s a Billy Joel Song for Everything.”

I could link it, but I am on my phone, spent hours in the pool and drank non-water beverages, so NO Linkies for you.😉

As for, “Don’t Ask Me why”…. I once argued with a college roommate that Billy actually sang “Ax” instead of “ask” because of his accent. I still hear ax most of the time, but I grew up in Jersey and my roommate didn’t. 

Anyway….. don’t ask me why there are traps in my garden and the youngest told me to unlock the front door while holding up the trap saying, “We shall call him Tom.”

Tom has been safely relocated outside the garden. I hope his digestion is alright without eating all my parsley. Was parsley what that rabbit in the story ate? My parsley is just nibs of stems. Stay out dear Tom.

Also fitting of don’t ask me why, my offspring gave me a rose bush for my birthday and I posted a picture of a blossom. Today I noticed a new blossom  (stem half broken) looked entirely different than the first.

This one has much more pink, but still creamy yellow. I love pink, but a mixture of all things flowing together is better.

Don’t Ask Me Why!

Mom was allergic to roses so this is the first time I could plant one.  I am so pleased this one is visible from a human perspective and not facing the ground.

This is a random posting, you may or may not find it enjoyable. Either way, don’t ask me why.

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Why Didn’t I Do This Before?

You all know the Youngest Offspring has been the DJ in my car for quite some time. 

Y’all know I now have iTunes on my computer and phone because the Youngest Offspring helped me in desperate times.

Did you know I casually commented to the Oldest Offspring that I would love to have earphones so I could listen to music on my phone while easily walking from room to room or (can’t bring computer and speakers) walking the beast?

Well, I have had headphones before, ear buds, headphones…. I have had many. Quite a few. They all seemed to fall into the hands of offspring who accused siblings of stealing theirs.

It’s, the plight of a mother who inevitably sacrifices her own desires for her offspring. 😐😇

Anyway, it happened. One day the Oldest Offspring came in the house and casually said, “here, Mom.”

They are wonderful, they have labeled buds – one left, one right. They apparently have the ability to push something and turn them off or to answer the phone, but I don’t get that yet. Still,  I can manage to pull the phone out of my back pocket to silence the music when the world demands my attention. 

Today I accomplished great things. I got a lot cleaned and I danced and lived happily one moment into the next.

I listened  to (and downloaded) whatever artist came to my mind…. Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Kid Rock, Queen, and Merle Haggard. I heard songs I don’t think I ever heard before and I loved it.

Now, because it’s been pouring from the skies all day, I am enjoying my wine and a book. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.  I wasn’t keen on reading an historical fiction book (not much on history) but this book basically (in my opinion) makes a mockery of the history in such a way that I just might have to research the real events.

Thankfully I have Google.

Why didn’t we have all this modern technology in the golden days?

I had a great day, how about you?

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One Liner Wednesday

This is for Linda Hill’s one liner Wednesday.


It doesn’t matter what others say about me. It only matters what I say about me.

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One Liner Wednesday – Best Decision

I am jumping into the One Liner Wednesday simply because I had my yearly (female) physical today and when asked the usual question, I had to laugh at my “one line”.


I gave up menstruating 13 months ago, best decision I ever made.

(still laughing)


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There’s a Billy Joel Song for Everything 

Did you know I am a fan of Billy Joel? 

Did you know why?

When I was in 7th grade I had to write a report on a musician.  I chose Billy Joel, probably because there was some tension in my home. I only know of this said tension from a story my sister told me in the last few years. Apparently my mother didn’t like the song “My Life” because my sister sang it with too much inflection. 🤣

Funny, Mom loved, “She’s Always a Woman to Me.” 

Guess music is temperamental, or rather, we really like what speaks to us.

I have been a fan ever since I researched him and his songs.

I have seen Billy Joel in concert. Once I went unable to move my head because of neck pains. After singing and dancing I realized the pain was gone. Billy Joel’s music is healing. 

My human tried to take me to a concert last year when Billy came to Baltimore, but it sold out within minutes of opening ticket sales. At least I have memories of the concerts I have seen.

So, as I said, there’s a Billy Joel song for everything.

Can you guess what song this made me sing?

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Holy Spinning Shining Chakra

This is part of Linda Hill’s SoCS. The prompt is “sign”.

For many years I have been trying to understand the chakras. I have had a great deal of difficulty figuring out the location, color, purpose etc.

I searched for meditation on iTunes and found Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation by Greg di Vries and followed the journey into my chakras.

At first it was not very difficult for me because I have been practicing picturing a bright white ball of energy traveling through my body for years. I was able to understand the different areas – root to crown – with ease and I could picture the colored balls of energy being charged by the white light.

I had no trouble repeating the mantras – I am safe, I am love, I am sound – being but a few. I found it really relaxing and enjoyable to imagine each area being cleared.

It was when I got to the throat chakra when I really started to feel the tingling. I have a thyroid condition and I took this as a SIGN that this area needed more work than the others.

When I got to the third eye chakra my mind started to wander. It’s a 40 minute meditation so it isn’t surprising that my mind would wander close to the end, but what it was telling me was another SIGN. I kept thinking, holy chakra, wow, I’m feeling this!

It was easier to imagine or visualize the white light coming into my head and mixing with the golden ball of energy in my crown. After all, it didn’t have far to travel. I also had a good idea of what gold looks like. 🙂

When it was over I had the most wonderful feeling of peace. It was as though there was nothing wrong with my body, and my mind was perfectly stilled. I couldn’t believe how great I felt.

I felt like going to the river and stopped half-way down just to soak up the beauty..


I found myself walking further, but I had to stop so I didn’t disturb a feast.


Bee on Thistle

I do believe this is a honeybee. I am no expert, but I at least hope it is. I took this as a SIGN that bees have not abandoned these fair woods.

I love thistles. They have a special place in my heart for reasons I won’t divulge, but I love them even more now because there were several bees communing together among the purple flowers.

Eventually they flew to another patch and I continued to the water. I even put my feet in and enjoyed the refreshing feeling of purification. It was difficult going back up the hillside with wet, slippery flip flops, but I managed eventually. It was as though I was being given a SIGN that going back to the normal routine of life was going to be something I needed to do slowly. I must remember to tread lightly.

For the rest of the day I read a book. Then I watched The Secret Life of Pets and Minions  as this summer is about being a child again.

When I woke this morning I felt so much stronger and I had no trouble with the yoga practice, though I can’t do downward dog for as long as the instructor does. Still, I could do the beginning sitting cross legged without my limbs complaining.

All in all, it was a good day yesterday. I am very grateful and I will continue to look for the SIGNS that all is well in my little world.


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Some Garden Friends are Living

I have been busy in my gardens, just haven’t gotten around to posting about all my progress. 

This out-of-shape gardener decided to start tackling the mess that is the Angel Garden today.
I started with the most beloved grave, that of the offsprings’ beloved first pet.

As I weeded, I set aside the stone with her name painted on it. I thought how lovely it will be when I uncover all the other stones that have names of my loved ones who now live with the angels. 

I also thought about what plants I might find around the property to fill the garden. 

Our boiler seems to be ready for its own stone in the Angel Garden and the cost of replacing it is enough that buying new plants seems unlikely.

Then I had a pleasant encounter,  even more pleasurable than uncovering my gnome friends. 

I said, “Well, hello, sweet thing, aren’t you a darlin’?” Apparently I have become a southern.

It’s nice to have something alive in a garden for the deceased.

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