Flamingos flock together in a group known as a flamboyance. They have beautiful feathers that change colors depending on the food that they eat. They also have long necks and long legs and they tend to be found in Florida and not in Maryland.

I have always liked flamingos but I really started to pay attention to them when I took a trip to Disney World and saw them roaming free in one of the parks. They were not quite pink, more a white with a pink tinge. They were incredibly beautiful to me.

I recently went back to Disney and was disappointed because I did not see the flamingos. I did see lizards, but that is not the same.

These Fair Woods adopted cropped-wpid-20150817_1644562.jpga fine flamboyance of fifty flamingos originally as a joke. We had ordered them in order to place them on our property line to mark our territory. When they arrived they were simply pink plastic lawn ornaments with metal rods for legs. They were gaudy. They were funny. They made me laugh every time I placed one in a strategic location.

However, something happened. Something quite strange and mystical and really amazing.

It was about the same time I decided to create myself and I started blogging. It was the same time I decided to focus on a garden that would be the Fairy Garden around the Angel Tree.1 It was the same time I decided to plant beautiful boarder gardens, though most humans probably would not consider them beautiful.

I don’t know if it is because I spent time making These Fair Woods more welcoming to the fairies, or if it was I just kept my eyes open a little longer and paid a little closer attention. Either way, I believe the fairies moved on in and they invited their friends the gnomes, the bunnies, and other beings I cannot even yet imagine. They made These Fair Woods so fair and just and magical that they transformed the flamingos from simple tacky plastic lawn ornaments to a fine flamboyance of feathery friends with quirky personalities who love to help around the woodsflamingo rock5 and always try to bring joy and love to those around them. Yes, my flamingos have magically become real and we love them so dearly.

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