Flamingo Skies



Isn’t the sunset beautiful?  The pink reminds me of my friends. 

I love to look out over the water. I don’t do it as often as I should. I hope to make more time to just sit and watch the water flow.

It’s more relaxing than watching the grass grow. 

These two do nothing all day and night, other than simply look upon the water.

Hamming It Up, Flamingo Style



Today is Saturday, so it’s time for Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness prompt. Today’s word is ham.

How appropriate.

Today I had a friend bring me my yearly order of pork. Yes, I received ham today.

Of course Fancy had to get involved.wp-1487445854416.jpg

She’s never been one to miss out on an opportunity to ham it up.

There is no ham visible in this picture, but I assure you there is a lot of ham under her. This year we changed our order. Last year was our first time ordering an entire pig and we pretty much took a standard cut and got what the butcher thought we should want.

This year we only ordered ham, bacon, pork chops, and sausage. The bacon won’t last. We only got about 20 packages at most. It might last a month. We like bacon.

This year we also got pudding and scrapple. I have never eaten either so I don’t know if I will like them, but I had to try.

I always love when the stream of consciousness prompt perfectly matches what is happening in my life at the time.

If you’re wondering what the bone in front of her is, it’s the antler for the deer head in my freezer. Why is there a deer head in my freezer? Your guess is as good as mine.


Do Flamingos Have Weight Issues?



I tried something crazy today. I tried on a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in years. I did get them buttoned, but I admit, the muffin top returned. 

Fancy had to try them herself.

They do look better on her.

Now, because she is such a good cheerleader, she reminded me that my scale is showing me I have lost 30 pounds, so those jeans will fit sooner than I think.

She wanted to get on the scale.

Fancy: But, but,there’s no number. Replace the batteries now!

Me: Silly, Fancy. This is a human scale. I have a better scale for you. 

Fancy: What does it say? I don’t know how to read this.

Me: (laughing) I can’t see through you.

Fancy: Oh!

It’s official. She weighs 1/4 pound. 

Now she knows what she weighs and will not need a scale again. She knows her weight will stay the same. 

I don’t want mine to stay the same. I want to wear those jeans.

Spread Your Wings


Sometimes we need to break out of our shells and take on new wings.

Dandy decided she wanted to be a butterfly. I think she might look more like a moth, but it’s daytime so she’s a butterfly. 

With the winds we’ve had this week, I know she will soar. 

I am working on spreading my own wings.

*Every time I see this picture, taken by my bff, I see it differently. I will be using it again. 

Is Suicide Painless?


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Let’s be honest; everyone has thought about committing suicide at some time or another. If you are reading this, you haven’t. I am glad you didn’t.

I remember listening to the theme song from M*A*S*H when I was in high school. Of course on M*A*S*H the music was just that, music. The words were not sung. The words are haunting. I found a YouTube video of it with the lyrics written so you may really get a full understanding of it if you choose to listen. Here’s the link.

When I switched back to write this post, without closing the other site,  “The Sounds of Silence” started playing.  Yeah, that’s eerie.

Maybe suicide is followed by silence for the person who succeeds, but I can’t imagine it would be followed by silence in those left living.

My dear friend recently told me, “It would only spread [the] pain and multiply it, it wouldn’t end it.”

That is so true. I think about how many lives would be affected if anyone I know died. I can’t imagine putting my human or my offspring through that intentionally. There is no turning back. I hope that everyone has at least one person they cannot bear to hurt. I hope they feel love and reach out when they need it.


Go ahead, light the fire

My poor flamingo was feeling a little sad. She couldn’t find any great adventures. Someone had placed her in the dump pile. She thought it would be alright to be in the fire pit.

I had to explain to her that everyone in her flamboyance would miss her. I had to explain to her that I love her and think she is just dandy. Hey, I may have just named her – Dandy is a fine name.

I had to tell her that every time I went to the fire pit and roasted marshmallows, I would not be able to eat a single one, not even if it was accompanied with chocolate and graham crackers. I wouldn’t want s’more. All I would think about is how much I missed my little Dandy and how I wish I could have done something to help her.

Dandy is just fine now, she is no longer in the fire pit. I have made sure she is not alone for now. I know she still needs support.

May everyone find the support they need. May peace be in the hearts of all.

Suicide is NOT painless.

Just Jump

The other day I had a crazy dream where I was walking across an overpass made of large stones. I had to go across, get something and bring it back. About 3/4 of the way across I noticed gaps between the stones. I was still walking across when the gaps got wider. I saw about 1,000 ft below me was water.

I was unsure what to do.

 1. Go forward but not make it back.

2. Go back but not have what I really needed.

I stood still, unsure, and I started to fear standing still.

My dream ended with the overpass becoming wider and to my right were my offspring and several of their friends. They all reached out to me and pulled me sideways. I awoke.

The next day a friend sent me a video of a person talking about jumping because when you jump, God gives you a parachute. (I think it was Steve Harvey, but can’t be sure). His point was we don’t find happiness or success unless we take a leap and try.

Seriously? I have been struggling a bit lately and if this isn’t proof that I am not taking that leap, I don’t know what is.

My flamingo had to jump to show me nothing bad would come from it. 

Flamingo: see, God sent me a parachute. 

Me: That’s nothing but net.

Flamingo: Yep, a safety net. 
So what do you think my dream meant?

Zombie Flamingos 


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It’s happening. Oh, please protect us. The zombies are not only turning humans. All creatures are susceptible. 

The worst part is the fact that they maintain their cute bodies while developing a human shaped tumor.

It’s terribly frightening,  but the double body does seem to make them slower than the common every day variety of zombies.

Still, it is difficult for me to spear their heads. They are and will always be my beloved flamingos. 

Reason for this post?


 I am about as obsessed with the Walking Dead as I am with my flamingos.  Don’t worry, no flamingos were hurt in the making of this post.😨

So Flamingos Sew


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It’s Saturday, so it’s time for Linda Hill’s SOCS. This week’s words are so/sew/sow

I think it is a coincidence that this is the prompt for the week as today’s Facebook memory told me that, exactly one year ago today, I bought myself a sewing machine in the hopes of actually sewing again. I did sew a few things, but my needle broke in the middle of making my niece a set of curtains and I actually ended up finishing it by hand.20170211_141130.jpg

Lady Fancy decided I need to sew again. She offered to help. I don’t think it is a good idea for her to stay in this position while sewing. I think it might harm her in some way.

She is insisting that I get the needle fixed. Lady Fancy wants some fancy new clothes. So, I guess it’s time for me to get to work so she can help me sew.

Time to stop sowing the seeds of doubt that the machine will work. Time to start sowing the seeds of hope.

I think I’ll start next week.