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Rascal: The Gateway to Nowhere – Part 2

The humans heard a strange sound in the wind. It was ominous, as if a great storm was coming. Yet, when the mother looked to the sky, she could see no storm clouds. It was a beautiful day. There was

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Sleep, or Lack Thereof

I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep lately. Mostly I think about sleep because I keep hearing people talk about how sleep deprived they are. There are people in my life who are struggling with pain, both physical and emotional,

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Introduction to Rascal: The Gateway to Nowhere

These are Rascal’s wings. They are fierce and strong. He also has a stinger that he is able to produce without any thought, but only when needed for battle. Usually he does not need his sword. It stays safely hidden,

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A Gateway to the Unknown

It was just a useless old toy. It’s a mystery as to which play-set it had ever belonged. All the other parts of that play-set have been lost or tossed over the many, though seemingly few, years it takes for little

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Friendly Weeding Visitor

I did not get to weed this area yet. I’m glad I didn’t. Had a nice visit with a new friend.

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Oh Beautiful Universe

Oh beautiful Universe, or God, or Spirit Guides, or Angels, or Fairies, or just plain FATE. Call it what you will, I just love how it/they put everything in perfect order for me. I took this picture yesterday because the

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Creating My Logo, Creating Myself

Okay, I know it does not appear to be white. Trust me, it is a plain white canvas, straight from the market place unaltered in any way from the way it was when it left the factory. It was just

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