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Some but not the Sum Today’s stream of Consciousness prompt is Some or Sum. When I am asked to give to charity I may be very willing to give some of my money, especially if it is for Alzheimer’s. That is my one charity.


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It Was a Dark Flamingo Night…

A sadness crept across Flamingo Fields. The flamboyance was nowhere near as cheerful as usual. They were simply moping around as if there were a terrible tragedy heading our way. There had been a terrible storm last night. As I

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Flamingos, the Predator in the Garden

I have had blackberry bushes in my yard for my entire life. Over time people have walked up to the door and reached down to steal berries as they passed. The most offensive one was the neighbor’s construction worker who

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I Have a Bone to Pick

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS June 20/15 I really wonder where that expression comes from. I grew up telling stories with my father about all the silly strange expressions and where they might have originated. It was great fun

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Quote of the Day Three

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” -American Proverb I think in some cases I would not want to even take a bite. This picture, taken from a Christmas feast in Colonial Williamsburg, is a little unappetizing, yet somehow

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Quote Challenge Day Two

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” –  John Kuebler I have heard many different versions of this quote. I google searched the original person and found this name, though I know many people have said it.

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Three Day Quote Challenge

Anxious Mom, nominated me for the three day quote challenge. I am now tasked with writing a quote for three days. I am also expected to nominate three bloggers to do the same, but I make it a rule not

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Rascal Part 4

It is unknown how long Rascal was unconscious. The other fairies were slowly getting back to their usual activities and, though they missed him tremendously, were trying to remember him with fondness rather than fear. A sentry was left blocking

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Flamingos Are So Literal

I told my flamingos I really enjoyed seeing them on my computer. Who knew they would take me literally?

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When pictures were transferred into the new computer, I felt fortunate to have a new program designed to help sort out the pictures. There were over 3,000 pictures. Some of them have been deleted because it was difficult to see

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