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March in Review

We have made it to the end of March and it is time to determine if January 3rd was an accurate measure of how March would be. For more information about this, see my January Awareness post. On January 3rd,

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If Only Changing My Body Were this Easy

I have been keeping up with my blogging courses fairly evenly. In other words, I am on the same lesson for both courses and, because both have the same instructor, my last lessons were on theme. On Monday I tried

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I Could See and Feel Spring

Saturday was a gorgeous day. I swear it was lovely. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the upper 70s and I spent much of the day puttering around the property. The youngest had a fire in the fire

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Is Walmart Helping or Hurting?

I saw an announcement on Facebook that Walmart is now providing curbside pickup of groceries. The concept is simple – connect to their website, place an order and schedule a pickup. Then all you have to do is drive to

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Same Course Second Time is a Charm

Today’s lesson in my blogging course – the one I took 2 years ago and just barely passed – involved changing a blog to a website. I found this challenging because the instructor is now using instead of

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Mean Links Won’t Play

Sometimes links just don’t behave. They are quite mean and stingy and they just need a time out. When my phone started beeping at 3:30 this morning, I knew I was either getting pictures from my friend in Australia or

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Have Yourself an Alphabet Soup Month

Today marks the start of spring and the time to reveal your theme if you plan on participating in the A to Z challenge. Do I plan on participating? Why, of course. This is a great way for me to

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Goals and Planning

Today I started the course on WordPress again. I had taken it when I first started blogging, and decided to take it again as a refresher. Wouldn’t you know, they changed the course. Now, instead of using, they are

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The Art of Editing

In my attempt to expand my capabilities, I have started to use Scribophile as a new media outlet. I am not sure that is the correct terminology, but bear with me in my quest for becoming a clear writer, PLEASE!

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Time For Sledding

Just for the fun of it, Fancy decided to go sledding. She was going to join in on a snowball fight between the outside flamingos, but the snow is really only slush and we both agreed it would be better

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