The Great Forest Goblin Eviction During a Pandemic

I know it seems cruel to evict anyone during a pandemic. The truth is, that is the best time to do it.

Why? Because I am home alone most of the time and I have time on my hands. So why not evict the Goblins? They really are prickly creatures with no consideration for anyone else.

If Goblins are left alone for some time, which sadly they were in my forest, they will completely take over.

Just look at the following pictures. One can barely see the shed because the Goblins completely took over. Oh, and the shed is in shambles and I definitely blame the Goblins.

Some time ago I wrote about creating a Fairy Circle to ward off the Goblin Lord who moved in next to us. I can’t find that post to share, but some of you may remember it.

I am unable to find the Fairy Circle. The Goblins have taken over.

Goblins seem to have a real penchant for wrestling. They are always intertwined. They spread out and it is impossible to tell one from the others. The real trouble is they have really sharp nails and they scratch deep wounds in anyone who gets withing a foot of them.

They had to go. 

It’s not that I think Goblins are terrible. I know they must have a purpose. They told me they keep evil spirits away. They certainly block the house from the prying eyes of those walking on the road.  I can understand how some might think it unjust to evict them, however, they seem to scare away the gnomes and fairies and that simply is unacceptable.

I don’t have the picture of the shed in this, but I did manage to get rid of the goblins in this area.

Look, this tree has an interesting base. It looks perfect for a home.

I do hope someone peaceful and kind comes along.

Oh, wait, someone did move in.

He definitely seems to have made himself at home. Let’s be careful not to disturb him. It appears he is focusing on peace in the forest.



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