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Holy Spinning Shining Chakra

This is part of Linda Hill’s SoCS. The prompt is “sign”. For many years I have been trying to understand the chakras. I have had a great deal of difficulty figuring out the location, color, purpose etc. I searched for

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Cheers to the Brain Drain

Today is the start of my favorite time of year – Summer Vacation. I counted the days on my calendar and realized we have 83 days of summer this year. When I realized this, I had a new understanding of

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Flamingo Skies

Isn’t the sunset beautiful?  The pink reminds me of my friends.  I love to look out over the water. I don’t do it as often as I should. I hope to make more time to just sit and watch the

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You Can’t go Wrong with Flamingos

. . Walk your own path Even through the densest jungle Follow your own heart Lead your own trail As long as you can Enjoy the adventure . . But remember….. . . . Sometimes you will find You can no

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Make Like a Top and Spin

Okay, I know it is a lame joke, but I like lame jokes and I made up this one when thinking about putting a spin on something. A basketball player, a figure skater and a world champion top spinner (I

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May I Say You Have Style

It is so easy to go through the day simply doing what you do without really noticing others. Sure, we may smile and say hello and please and thank you and all those great things we have been focusing our

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Hug Your Enemy….

Figuratively, NOT literally. Could you imagine a world where people actually went up to an enemy and hugged them? What would happen? Last night, as I thought about this post, I tried to picture someone hugging an enemy in the

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And On The Seventh Day…

No, this is not a Bible based blog, far from it. Still, for the last few days that phrase has been continuously playing through my thoughts. Therefore, it only seemed appropriate for the seventh day of May. REST. We have

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Peace, Beautiful Peace

Picture a world of peace. Could you define what a world of peace is? It occurred to me that if we are challenging ourselves, in the month of May, to take small steps towards a world of peace; it is somewhat

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Hello May

May your May be filled with peace. May you have love, joy, and success. I am challenging myself to post something inspirational each day for the month of May. I hope that people will challenge themselves to take little steps

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