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Flying away Saturday

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS July 18/15 Time flies, and butterflies fly. Flies don’t seem to fly as much as they seem to hover and land on me and my food and anything that would be found to be

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Never Stop Learning

I enrolled in an online program to teach me how to blog using WordPress. I would have thought I was learning the basics on my own, but even in the first lesson I learned something new. I am doing this

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A Hot July Day on Flamingo Farms

It was a hot July day. The poor flamingos were trying to find relief. They borrowed my big pink floppy hat. What other kind of hat would a flamingo want to wear? The hat was so large it accommodated two

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My Poor Flamingo

Do you see what my poor flamingo has had to endure? At first glance it may appear to be bleeding.  Don’t be alarmed. No blood was shed. Apparently,  while I slept peacefully,  a human walked outside to find a squirrel

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Another Award

Thank you, Tatiana, the Fairy Queen for nominating me for this award. It is an honor that you want to know more about me. For this award I must answer the following questions and am supposed to nominate others. As I have

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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS July 11/15 Today’s prompt is ring. This automatically made me think of Beyonce’s song Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) []. I love that song! It is so upbeat and the video is

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Some Days Are Made for Mind Trips

One of the characters in my book spends a considerable amount of time on what I think of as a mind trip. She is not able to respond to anything that is happening around her as if she is somewhere

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Is It Really What It Is?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS July 4/15 Is it really what it is? I challenge you to ask yourself that. You see, one of my favorite humans  often uses that phrase. He simply says, “It is what it is”

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The Fairies Made Me Do It

Disclaimer: I am NOT a poet. Please do not read this with the idea that it is going to be good poetry! It could have been the gnomes, but I suspect the goblins. It had to be the goblins who

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Remnants in Stone

I took this picture because I thought the rocky shore was beautiful. I don’t think I would want to walk barefooted on it, but with water shoes I would love to plunge into the river and run back out. I

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