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Maryland and Missouri both Start with M

I found this in my drafts – just the title and no notes or anything. I am certain I wrote this title because I wanted to remember to write about something really inspiring and thought provoking. Yes, that is absolutely

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Cursing Modern Technology

It all started around a decade ago. We were fortunate enough to get hooked up to the world-wide-web through our cable company and were given access to three e-mail accounts.  We set up said accounts and were quite happy to be

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Commence the Onslaught

This morning many yellow buses traveled the Cecil County roads bringing students to their schools. Today is the start of 180 days in which children will learn new things and hopefully make new friends. I hope they all enjoy their

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Did You Know I’m From Maryland?

So I saw the news. I had to share it with the youngest. I said, “Did you know Michael Phelps laughed during the National Anthem while receiving the 20th medal?” Youngest: “No, but I am not surprised.” *disclaimer – might

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When You Walk Like a Cartoon Character 

If you could be a chartoon character, who would you be.? I don’t think I would mind being Betty Boop. In the last few days I have said one thing more than I would like to be thinking….. “Please just

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