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Communication Fail

An interesting thing about Ocean City is that there are many people working in the hotels and stores who are from other countries. I suspect this is true of many vacation destinations throughout the United States, probably the entire world.

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Just an Egg

I am no longer the best mother in the world. When the offspring were young I never sent them out of the house without a healthy breakfast. Back then they were easy to please. Even when it was the dreaded

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Is Art in Any Form Still Art or Questionable?

While on vacation last summer, I was inspired to write a post about the Ocean Gallery in Ocean City, Maryland. Linda Hill had a prompt using the word art that made me excited, but because Internet was spotty at best, I

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I am the Life I’ve Lived

I just finished The Tyrant’s Daughter by J. C. Carleson. I read it for book club and am once again surprised by how relevant a book can be. I don’t know how books chosen almost a year in advance can

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Come on in, the Water’s Fine

Is it safe? Really ? So you say the water isn’t still frigid with an extremely dangerous under current ,  but I am not sure.  I will dip my toe in and look around. Ouch, nope. I am going to

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