Cursing Modern Technology

It all started around a decade ago. We were fortunate enough to get hooked up to the world-wide-web through our cable company and were given access to three e-mail accounts.  We set up said accounts and were quite happy to be modern. We revealed our e-mail addresses to family and friends to send pictures and updates on life etc. We did not use e-mail for business, at least I didn’t.

I remember when a scout leader was frustrated because she would send important information through email and none of the other parents ever knew what she had sent. She kept saying, “Why don’t you check your email?” with great agitation.

To me, email was an agitation. It involved turning on the computer and checking it daily just on the off chance that there was a note from her. Really, she could have told us things during the meetings or called when things changed – after all, everyone had answering machines.

Things have really changed a lot in the last ten years. I now have a smart phone that beeps every time I receive an email.

I now have three email accounts – the original one for my real life business, a yahoo account for my pen name, and a google account I had to get when I activated my phone.  It’s a little much, don’t you think? Still, I use my email so much more now than I ever imagined I would.

So, what is my problem?

Yesterday I decided that one step to getting more organized was to delete some of the emails in my personal email account. Because I had not used my computer for much of August, there were over 300 unread emails!

300+ unread emails!


Truthfully I had read some of those emails on my phone, and that was why I was on the account on the computer in the first place. I knew my car registration needed to be renewed and I was trying to find that email. What a nightmare.

It took me an hour to delete all the emails. AN HOUR! What a waste of time.

I tried (as I have done in the past) to unsubscribe to most of the companies. The following is a list of my frustrations with modern technology – or at least the way it is used.

Buying Anything From a Store or Company

  1. One Christmas I bought a child a pug t-shirt from an on-line pet company. I gave my email address for confirmation of said purchase. That company sends daily emails for pet products. DAILY. I unsubscribed – they insisted I give a reason. I hate emails was not a choice. I’m pretty sure I told them I wanted to unsubscribe before and yet, here they are still sending me emails. DAILY.
  2. My niece wanted a specific present and sent me a link. Again, I used my email for confirmation. I think they sent me their catalog every other day. They at least did remove me when I asked.
  3. Every store in the mall seems to have my email address. I don’t know how to break it to them, but I am not made of money, do not spoil my children that much, and have no room in my home for all the things they advertise. I don’t care what is on sale, I am NOT going to the mall today.

*I did appreciate the fact that I had an email from Kohl’s for $30 that expires on Wednesday. I am happy to now own a new potato masher, my old one seemed to be getting rusty and nobody wants to eat rusty potatoes.

Registering New Products

  1. Yes, I did get a nice new printer that is also a scanner and fax machine. Yes, I did feel really proud of myself the other day because for the first time in my life I managed to send a fax. NO, I do NOT want to know every time there is a new form of printer, paper or ink offer. I do not want to be part of some discount program. PLEASE stop emailing me!
  2. Yes, I have a new phone. I do not want another new phone, thank you. So what if I don’t know all the ins and outs of my phone, I know how to make calls and get texts and I can even play Pokemon Go, so I don’t need new emails telling me anything else about my phone. If I want to find something out I can use the google on my phone.

House Parties, Old Acquaintances, and Random Crap

  1. Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Jewelry….. There are three different people who send me information about Tastefully Simple. Really? I know you don’t pay for emails to be sent, but please take me off your mailing list. I am not going to buy from you just because I went to a friend’s party once 4 years ago.
  2. I get emails from someone I once new (who also sends me evites to join linked-in which I won’t thank you very much) about something she is selling. I couldn’t even tell you what it is because quite frankly, I don’t care! I don’t talk to this woman, why is she selling me crap?
  3. Okay, I admit it….. my kids have been known to frequent the little league fields. It is important that their coaches have my email because (unlike 10 years ago) I do check the schedule and make sure the games aren’t canceled for rain etc. I do not care about little league international or any sports offers, camps, or private coaching. I would like the little league to not give out my email.

Let’s not even get into the fact that I am in a reading group and get multiple emails as we all hash out when and where we are meeting. I tend to read those on my phone and delete them at the time, but for some reason it does not get deleted from my computer. ARG!

Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter…. I love these things. I love to keep updated. I can keep up with them by being on their sites, I do not need emails to tell me every time someone posts. I would say the same for WordPress, but I did manage to get that to stop and now only get notified when someone comments on my blog or likes one of my comments and that doesn’t come through an email.

Ok, my rant is over. I managed (I hope) to unsubscribe from many companies. I managed to clean out my account. I will try to keep up with it better in the future.

At least it is just electronic and not a bunch of paper in my mailbox!

I might check on my yahoo account now. That gets a lot of spam. They’re always good for a laugh.

What emails bother you the most?


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11 comments on “Cursing Modern Technology
  1. joey says:

    The first email I used a lot was my yahoo, and I mean to tell you, there are 5000+ unread emails in it. I use it for all those stores, cards, and discounts, and when I want one, I go looking. Otherwise, I pretend it’s not there.
    I have an email that’s just used for employment and the kids’ school stuff. Unless I’m expecting something, I ignore it.
    I USE the email for my blog and my subscriptions to blogs. That’s the only one I use.

    Other than my mother, who seems to love email, no one complains that I haven’t read my email. I hate email almost as much as voice mail.

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  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    I get so many unwanted promotional emails that I need to unsubscribe from. The worst for me though are the petition ones. Just because I add my name to one cause doesn’t mean I care about every one they do!

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    The ones that bother me are the ones that just won’t go away. I have a car dealer that, if they were the only car dealer left on the planet, I would buy a horse, and yet they won’t stop sending emails. I’ve unsubscribed, I’ve replied, I’ve called and I’ve called and worked my way up the management chain until I got to a person whose last name is the same as the dealership. I guess he’s a child of lesser kin, because he was as ineffective as the unsubscribe button.

    You know it’s a good rant when it inspires more ranting 🙂

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  4. Anxious Mom says:

    If you’ve got a smartphone and your email account on your phone, download the Unroll Me app. It’s AWESOME and free. It allows you to unsubscribe from a sender, keep a sender, or roll up the sender into a daily digest of emails (so your inbox isn’t so cluttered from stuff that you want to read but isn’t necessary to read as soon as it’s sent) very easily. I’ve checked my Unroll Me app once every week or so for the last couple of months or so and I’ve unsubscribed from over 100 senders that I didn’t want emails from and rolled up another 30-something.

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