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Yes, Flamingos do Faint

There are times when the flamingos tell me, “Hey, you should check out your Spam file just to be sure you didn’t miss anything.” They really are good at keeping me on track. So I checked my comments and found there were

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I Have No Idea What This Says, But It Became Funny 

Could anyone tell me what this says? Anyone? 请您填写表单: 海外的客户都在等待你们的开发 目前开发客户的主流方式就是google搜索;您可以尝试将您的老客户在互联网上搜索,发现都可以搜索到的。面对google上成百上千万的客户,您却无从下手,手工搜索量大,参杂的数据太多,手工筛选工作量大,效率低。我们的系统可以自动过滤您不需要的信息,并自动提取邮箱,自动发送一对一开发信。提高您200%的工作效率,可以说是一个完全智能的客户开发机器人。现在邀请您免费体验您产品不一样的客户开发方式企鹅号Q 343086184   Oh, I am sure someone can, but I don’t know that it is necessary. This was not in my spam folder on WordPress. It was one of


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Hahaha! SPAM!

  Linda Hill and Joey both posted about comments going to spam so I thought I would check my spam. I have read many comments before about the strange things people write in comments. I have only received two strange comments

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Cursing Modern Technology

It all started around a decade ago. We were fortunate enough to get hooked up to the world-wide-web through our cable company and were given access to three e-mail accounts.  We set up said accounts and were quite happy to be

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