Transformation into the Afterlife

I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a visit with Deborah the other day. wpid-20150915_135021.jpgwpid-20150915_135033.jpgYou too may visit her for a cup of coffee  and enjoy a nice story about a dragonfly. Some may not think it a nice story, but I thought it was quite symbolic.

I told Deborah that I had heard a story of the dragonfly being a symbol of the afterlife. I found my newspaper clipping from 2002 but, being rather concerned with plagiarizing, decided to find the dragonfly story on the Internet to link into my post.

You see, the dragonfly spends the first half of its life in the water. Then it spends time above the water in the fresh air with flowers and trees to enjoy. Though it is no longer with its friends under the water it is still able to live a wonderful life in an entirely new form.

Yes, the dragonfly surely missed his water friends. Yet, I am sure he found peace in the community of other dragonflies. I also believe he would be close by as others followed him into the beautiful new world. They would recognize each other and be able to continue their friendship. The first dragonfly might even help guide the new arrival through the transformation.

The story does not tell what the water bugs thought after the leader left their midst. They likely felt betrayed that he did not come back and tell them what had happened. They might have felt a loss so tragic that they carried the heavy burden in their hearts.

They might have.


I think it is likely that at least one of the water bugs noticed a rippling in the water above them. One little water bug might have sensed the presence of the leader though she could not see him or hear him. I think she knew he was safe and she tried to tell the others but, being only simple water bugs, they were not able to understand or accept what she was saying.


I see beautiful bright blue dragonflies in my Angel Garden every day, yet they must have sensed my quest and decided to go away when I came out with my camera. wpid-20150915_135110.jpgI had to substitute my painting of a dragonfly. Oh, those mysterious creatures leaving us with only speculation!

We humans are so quick to believe that we are all there is. We suffer such a loss when someone leaves this world and we can’t imagine there is something beyond. Yet, I believe. I believe that when someone dies they leave this realm and their Earthly body and start a life somewhere completely wonderful and different and beyond our capability of understanding.

Where and what exactly is this place? I have no idea. I am still human after all.

Many people claim to talk to spirit  and they feel tremendous peace in doing so. Others may accept their claims yet feel disappointed to have no such experiences. Still others may live their entire lives trying to disprove those who believe in the afterlife. Interesting choices we make!

I am one of those strange people who talks to dead people. Though I only talk to my own loved ones, I find great comfort in being able to hear answers to my questions even though it may well be only my subconscious mind answering me.

Now, this is a major premise of my book I hope to publish in October. The main character, Ella, has trouble accepting things that are happening around her. When her sister claims she is having conversations with a deceased loved one Ella is quick to deny the possibility. She is conflicted.

Is it easier to hold onto the hope of an afterlife and the possibility of seeing our loved ones again; or would it be easier to accept only that which we can prove?

What do you believe?



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6 comments on “Transformation into the Afterlife
  1. […] I searched my garden for the dragonfly to photograph and include in my post. Of course there was not a single dragonfly to be found. They must be shy. Or maybe they were being […]


  2. joey says:

    I love this post. I love the way you broke it down with such an easy metaphor. I’d like to think it’s more of a revolving door, but your metaphor is apt — they can come to us, but we have to wait our turn to go there.
    I’m among the living, but never far from spirit. I see and feel the ‘dead.’ Although I rarely speak to them, and I’ve never heard spirit with my human ears, I know what they’re saying.
    I don’t require proof in spiritual matters. Whatever rings true to me is my faith. Interesting book premise 🙂

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  3. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I’m not sure what I believe, but I feel there is something good beyond. What, I couldn’t say, but that’s the feeling. 🙂

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  4. […] I have written about it here. […]


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