Dragonflies: Symbol of Hope

The dragonfly is a symbol of hope that there is an afterlife.

I have written about it here.image

I found this picture as a draft post.

I think it is a symbol to me that spring is coming. It has to be coming. I hope it’s coming.

This dragonfly is my symbol of hope that spring is coming and it will be followed by that glorious season called summer.

It is also a symbol of hope that the words I want to write, the ones in two different drafts that I am trying to combine though “writer’s block”  seems to be hindering my progress, will come to me in time.

It is interesting considering the post I want to write has something to do with noticing signs.

Oh, well, this is my friend the dragonfly. It is beautiful and it offers me a sign of hope – hope of warmer weather and words blossoming on a page.

At least I blogged today, that is something.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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