Well Isn’t That Nice?

Yesterday I searched my garden for the dragonfly to photograph and include in my post. Of course there was not a single dragonfly to be found. They must be shy. Or maybe they were being illusive because the point was we don’t know what happens in the after-life.

Then I was out in the garden without my camera and of course one of my friends decided to come for a visit. Immediately I ran in the house to find my camera. I had difficulty because the sun was reflecting on the screen and I could not quite see what I was doing.

Oh, well. Here is my friend the bright blue dragonfly. At least I think it is a dragonfly, it reminds me of my fairy friend named Rascal.wpid-20150915_170810.jpgwpid-20150915_170810.jpg


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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