A Hot July Day on Flamingo Farms


It was a hot July day. The poor flamingos were trying to find relief. They borrowed my big pink floppy hat. What other kind of hat would a flamingo want to wear?

The hat was so large it accommodated two flamingos. Well almost. I think they could have made it work for more of them, but as I have said, it was hot. Apparently flamingos can’t think clearly in the heat.

I happened to mention that behind them was a very large pool. It may be above ground, but it has water that is cool. Well, at least cooler than the hot July air.

I even had lovely pink goggles.

Of course they could not resist.


Who knew the flamingos would be able to mount the locked stairs so easily?

wpid-20150714_174349.jpg Oh, if only you could have heard the cheers. All the flamingos lined up in an eager effort to get in the pool. It was really sad that I only own one pair of pink goggles. Oh well, they managed with the blue and black and whatever other colors there were.

Yes, they had a frolicking good time splishing and splashing in the cool of the pool.


It was really exhausting, though admittedly not as exhausting as standing up in the heat of that hot July day on Flamingo Farms. I think they all took turns on the red float a good friend contributed. It would have been nicer had it been pink, but what could we do. At least we know that with enough time in the sun and the chlorine, it will become a lovelier shade.

Like all of us, flamingos do tire of splishing, splashing, floating, and gloating. They needed to come out and dry off.

wpid-20150714_174604.jpg I am so accommodating! Not many people would share their beach towels with their beloved pets.

Again, it wasn’t pink, but what could you do? At least it was absorbent.

How do we celebrate a wonderful time spent swimming on the hot July day?


Of course they thought a nice rose would have been better, but a wine by any hue is just as sweet.


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3 comments on “A Hot July Day on Flamingo Farms
  1. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m glad they got to cool off a little! Better watch out with that wine, they might get tips and lord knows what kind of havoc a tipsy flamingo could wreak 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SD Gates says:

    Would a tipsy flamingo tip over?

    Liked by 1 person

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