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Flamingos Reach New Heights

Well, well, well, Our well is not well. In fact, it needs to be replaced. It is one of those events in life when one realizes just how much we underestimate our use of water. As you might know, getting

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The Out of Shape Gardener: Well, Hello There

I am starting a new series: The Out of Shape Gardener. I’m sure you can imagine how I got the name, but just in case you need clarification, I am out of shape and a self proclaimed gardener – though others

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Zombie Flamingos 

It’s happening. Oh, please protect us. The zombies are not only turning humans. All creatures are susceptible.  The worst part is the fact that they maintain their cute bodies while developing a human shaped tumor. It’s terribly frightening,  but the

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Flamingos are Super

The other day there was this game we watched on television. It was called the Super Bowl. It was the first football game for my fluffy friend. She wanted to feel as though she was in Texas with all the other

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Flamingos are the Greatest Cheerleaders

It is that time of year again when we get all our paperwork together and start procrastinating on filing our taxes. This  is the first year that I received a document from Amazon  Publishing and it was a little disappointing.

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Take Me Somewhere Exciting

We have been using our wagon to transport wood for our wood burning stove. While there is wood in the house, there is often a wagon-load just outside, in case we need more late at night when it is too

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A Hairy Interruption

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of Flamingo February because of a rather hairy situation. You see, while the flamingo and I were on the computer yesterday, just taking a short break from writing, OK – we were on the

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