Flamingos, the Predator in the Garden

I have had blackberry bushes in my yard for my entire life. Over time people have walked up to the door and reached down to steal berries as they passed. The most offensive one was the neighbor’s construction worker who wanted to use our garbage can and jumped when I walked out of my house catching him in the act.

My guests, the ones I invite to my home, are all welcome to treat themselves to a berry or two. People I don’t invite should keep their berry picking hands to themselves.

Imagine if I walked into his home and opened the refrigerator just because I wanted to see if there was something tasty to enjoy.

Needless to say, I am on alert when it comes to my berries and I noticed a predator hiding in their midst.

berry thief berry thief2

Oh, sweet flamingo, you should wait until they ripen!


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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5 comments on “Flamingos, the Predator in the Garden
  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    I live in the UK these days (I’m American) and blackberries grow wild here. In fact, if you let them, they’ll take over your yard and eat your house. On the positive side, you can pick them on a walk. In fact, I just got home with two small bags. They’re wonderful.

    No flamingos, though.

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