March Ahead: Step Five

We have come a long way in the first week of March. We have picked an area of our lives we want to improve. We have set a goal for what we want to achieve in March and beyond. We have taken a picture of where we are now so we may be able to see improvements as we progress. All of that is a great start to marching ahead towards progress and success.

Now that we know what we want, we need to set a plan and make a list of steps we can take to reach our goals. Everyone will have different steps to take and some will have more than others. As time goes by, the steps will change and more will be added. Do not feel pressured to write an entire list of steps right now. Today’s goal is to write at least two things that are achievable for the moment.

The goals I have written to start are –

  1. Plan ahead what I want to write.  I did this in a document and was able to plan up until today. I need to plan the rest of the month.
  2.  Write clearly and edit before publishing. This is key for me as I have noticed many mistakes after publishing.
  3.  Read more posts from other bloggers. I won’t be able to read 500 blogs per day, but I need to read more in order to help myself understand what I like and learn from others.
  4. Schedule posts when possible.

I intended to write drafts during this last weekend, but I was unable to do that. First, I spent most of Saturday trying to read and comment on as many blogs as possible. Sunday was spent visiting several family members. Yesterday and today I was fortunate enough to have employments, so my posts were later than intended and a little rushed.

I expect to be able to complete these 4 tasks in the next few days.

What steps are you going to take this week?


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7 comments on “March Ahead: Step Five
  1. Angie says:

    I find that planning is always a good idea. I always write down my goals for the day and check them off as I accomplish them. I also have bigger goals that I have in my head and tackle them little by little each day, meaning I divide bigger goals into chunks and finish them that way, so I don’t get overwhelmed by it. Good luck on your goals and keep going with them!

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  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    In typical Joanne-fashion, I went straight from stage 3 to 5 😉

    Good luck with your planning and scheduling!

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  3. Phil Ryan says:

    A week into lent and so far I’ve picked up my guitar every day and practiced D to F#m repetitively with the plan my fingers will form the shape during my sleep…not sure how I’ll measure that progress yet but I’m slowly improving 🙂 Once mastered, it will be incorporated into a song and posted 🙂

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