March Ahead: Step Six

Last night I was standing in the hallway, waiting for my turn to meet a teacher at parent/teacher conference night. I thought I would make use of the time checking any activity on my phone. My human had called during one meeting and I had not answered, so it was possible that he had responded to my – hey, you know I’m in meetings, text me – message to him.

The top of my phone displayed the title of one of my posts and the name of one of my followers and (without thinking) I clicked on it to open what I thought would be WordPress. It didn’t take me long to realize I was not in WordPress, I was in my email. You know which email I was in? The one associated with my Contact page. The one I never open.

Well, to say I never open it would be wrong, but I very rarely open it.

Why? Because I have yet to remember how to turn off email notifications from Facebook and Twitter and I can’t stand to look at the announcements I could easily see when on Facebook or Twitter. It’s annoying to be inundated by such repetition. It’s also annoying to get constant warnings of my account from spammers.

The only thing I thought was of value was my stat counts I get once a week.

Boy was I wrong!

Today I deleted all the Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads notifications and found some interesting activity. There were several people offering me posts I could show on my site. Not interested, thank you. There were several offering to share my posts. Not interested, thank you. And there was an invite to participate in a blog “party type thing”. I would have been interested in that as it was from someone I like, but I saw it three months too late.

There were a few that said, hey, click on this for your “private” message from….. Yeah, why would you send me a private message too private for my email? I’m sorry if any of my followers are sending me those, I won’t read them. A regular message is just fine.

So today’s message is this – don’t ignore anything in front of you just because you think it’s just going to be junk. It isn’t all junk.

Added to my list of things to do to reach my goals: Check emails.

Have you ever ignored something so long you missed out on the fun?




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7 comments on “March Ahead: Step Six
  1. joey says:

    In my birthday month, (November) I get all these coupons from vendors and I get so excited about them, but then I have to buy things for others because Jesus, and I never get round to shopping for me. 😦
    Wouldn’t you know, I cleaned out my handbag about 10 days ago, discovering my birthday coupons from DSW and Vera Bradley had both expired.
    Wouldn’t you know this weekend is spring shoe shopping time? Uncanny.

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  2. Phil Ryan says:

    I don’t think so, Manee. I better go have a rummage to make sure I’m not ignoring something important. 🙂

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  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    I have 3 email accounts – one just for blogging, my non-blogging account, and my work account for my part-time job. I’m constantly juggling all 3.
    Do I miss stuff on occasion? oh yeah 😦

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