Supportive Flamingos 

It is really hot outside. In fact, the news informed me that it is going to feel as if it’s over 100 degrees. (Some day I will know how to use the degrees symbol from my phone.)

I really wanted to get something accomplished and to have my treasured flowers showcased, so I set my phone timer for an hour and set out to weed. When the alarm rang I set it for 30 minutes longer because I was heading into shade and the news would start in 40 minutes.

It hasn’t rained much so the ground was dry and the weeds came up easily. I did water the plants after weeding- deeply because I want the roots to be strong and we are not in a water shortage. (Someday I might post how a water shortage saved me).

My volunteer tomato plant was unable to support itself. It was really depressed.

Oh, my lovely friends were nearby and ever so eager to help.

I really don’t know what I would do without these beauties. 

They do like to be close to each other and together they are holding up the plant.

They are not as tall as most tomato supports, but they are absolutely more loved.


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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14 comments on “Supportive Flamingos 
  1. I so love your pink flamboyance Manee 🌼

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  2. joey says:

    Good flamingos. I hate this time of year. It was 101 feels like 109 yesterday. I bout died. lol
    Now you know I cannot weed in such a hostile environment. *watches vines take over the house* Purty.

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    • Vines are purty, but I hate them and try to rid the world of all vines. Only thing I know we disagree on, I like heat.

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      • joey says:

        LOL I suspected, what with the flamingos and all 😉
        I just told The Mister I don’t want him whackin the vines at the back fence. He thinks I’m nuts, but he’s glad for less work. I enjoy the extra green back there.

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      • Just be sure they aren’t really growing up the side of the house because that can cause mold in your walls (according to my memory). If so, tell him to build a trellis away from the house so the vines will be happy. I am sure The Mister won’t mind building a trellis once he realizes he doesn’t have to eradicate vines!


      • joey says:

        Yeah, no, these are along the fence. My vine-house issues are along the porch, every year. One summer day it will be unseasonably cool and I’ll get them.

        He wouldn’t enjoy building a trellis. I often think he has tools like I have jewelry: we like to see shiny things. lol

        On a storebought trellis, I do have some morning glory, but it seldom grows over 4 ft and it’s not thick enough to gather mold. I have seen what the Virginia Creeper has done to the abandoned house next door. Ain’t no way Imma let that happen!

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  3. Anxious Mom says:

    So cute! And this heat is just awful! Good thing I didn’t try to do a garden 😉

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  4. joannesisco says:

    That is the most creative use of pink flamingos I’ve ever seen!! 😀

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