I Will NOT Break-up with You

This is part of Linda Hill’s SoCS . Today’s prompt is brake/break


Really? Do you really have to do this? Every time I post something on Facebook, you seem to write something that counters what I have written, and it is not politely done. What I want you to know is I see through your tactics.

I said (hypothetically) that we need to care for the teddy bears of this world and you responded that I was completely wrong because the baby dolls are more important. I could have said that the baby dolls were more important and you would have told me that I was a complete idiot for not understanding how important the teddy bears were.

The thing is, I understand you think you are trying to open a dialogue. You are trying to make me look at everything from every conceivable aspect. You say you want everyone to write as an objective reporter and you slander anything I write that might just be opinion, not fact. You think this makes you more endearing.

Guess what! It does not win you any fans. I am posting my opinions and I have every right to do so. If you really knew me, you would know that most of what I stand for and try to bring into the world is the idea that everyone should be able to defend why they feel a certain way; but they have every right to their opinions even if they differ from mine. Most importantly, it is not up to us to force them to defend their opinion. It is also not right to constantly counter their opinions.

What I don’t think you understand is that your comments don’t make you look more intelligent.  They certainly don’t make me think, wow – this is a great person and I should become better friends with him/her. What they do is make me think you are just plain rude. Taylor Swift’s song is running through my head now.

All you’ll ever be is mean.

No, I realize you’re not trying to be mean. I guess you’re not at least. The thing is


You are not going to win the Pulitzer Prize for great debating on my Facebook page. You’re not….  know why? Nobody cares about my Facebook page except me and the very few real friends I have who read my comments.

I guess there might be some people trolling my posts. I am sure someone can hack into and read it even if they are not my friend. Maybe they will be impressed by your comments, but really – do you want to have such hackers as your admirers?

Anyway, the truth is, I think you are here to teach my soul a lesson. The lesson is to not let others bother you. I will do what I always do when people bother me. I will pray for you. I will send you loving thoughts. I will hope that you can find joy in something other than Facebook battles.

What I won’t do is defriend or block you. I will not break our connection. I do not want to pull the brake on my posting either. Some people actually like what I write/think. I suspect you do too. And truthfully, who cares if the teddy bear or baby dolls are competing? I like them both, but I would not stay in a burning building trying desperately to find either.

I would go back and make sure this makes sense, but since it is Stream of Consciousness, I am not supposed to do that. Sorry for the rant. I felt I could safely do this in this forum because I doubt my “friend” reads it.



I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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9 comments on “I Will NOT Break-up with You
  1. joey says:

    Sometimes we need a safe space to vent. I understand. I don’t think it’s right to argue with people on their own pages. I’ma scrolling advocate. There are some people who will argue even when you agree with them. I’ve never figured out why.

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  2. Love this Manee, I can totally relate to how you feel 💜

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  3. Good luck with your very reasoned approach – that kind of attention would drive me crazy!

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  4. LindaGHill says:

    I’m with Joey – people seem to argue these days for the sake of reading their own words. It’s tiring. Glad you were able to get it out here. 🙂

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  5. This made PERFECT sense!! I sometimes simply delete the negative – because I just don’t want to see it again. And I don’t understand why people (not just fakefacebookfriends but people I truly love and have real relationships with) insist on blasting my thoughts on my page.
    My understanding of this weird little social phenomenon is that each person’s page is their avenue to express their own opinion.
    I often say “Facebook is the devil” because of the changes it has made in the intensity of bullying, the ease of spreading lies, the false personas some feel they need to present on line.
    But it is a wonderful place for pictures of flowers and dogs and kids and travels and stories of human courage I would never have known.
    So I post what I want and I delete what annoys me and I scroll on…. Scroll on.

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