Lettuce Forget the Bun

*This is part of a series I am doing to be healthier. I am calling it the mock lap band surgery. I do not want to get lap band surgery, but I thought it would be interesting to eat as though I have had it. The main focus is to eat more protein, vegetables, and fruits and to stop eating the cheese and crackers that go so well with my wine. I am not a nutritional expert, but I do think it is fun to try new things. If I set out to start some diet eating the same things every day (especially nutritional shakes and such) I know I would be bored and very likely unsuccessful.*


Last week, before I set out on my healthy eating game, I went to a five-year wedding anniversary celebration. The food was on the counter – hamburgers, hot dogs, kielbasa, and the usual condiments. What was notably missing were the buns.

“Where are the buns?” a few of us asked before we remembered that the host is gluten intolerant. Even if we had brought out own buns, she would not want them in her home.

Interesting – a cookout without buns!

I took a burger and put it on a large lettuce leaf with red onion, tomato, and avocado. It was delicious. I also ate a hot dog and kielbasa without the lettuce. Yes, I over ate – but remember this was before I decided to make a change.

The best discovery was putting goat cheese on the lettuce and eating it like a soft taco. Wow – that was scrumptious. It inspired today’s new meal.

I started with dry garbanzo beans (aka chick peas). 1 oz = 100 calories.


dry garbanzo beans

I boiled them and they plumped up quite nicely. In fact they now weighed approximately 3 ounces. This is why we should always weigh ourselves before we have our cup of water.


not so dry beans

Then I let them sit in the same way I would for dry kidney beans. I think next time I might cook them a little longer because they were not quite soft, but they had an interesting crunch. Of course I tried them before doing anything else with them. Half the adventure is sampling everything in its basic form. No, I did not try to eat the rock solid dry bean – I value my teeth!

I put them in the little food processor I bought with gift money when my first child was born. Back then I was determined to not buy baby food, I could puree my own beans and fruits. See, I really did feed my kids healthy food when I had control over what went in their mouths.

I love my little food processor because it always reminds me of how wonderful it was to become a mother.

I added 1 tsp tahini (serving size is 2 tsp, but it has 200 calories so I went with less), 1 clove of garlic and a sprig of parsley just because I couldn’t resist bringing in something from my yet to be in the ground herb garden. Then I gave it a whirl.



I found the most beautiful leaves of Romaine lettuce and filled it with the spread. It was delicious. The beans were still a little crunchy, not like the hummus I get in my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, but I think it was better that way because I had to chew which tricked my brain into thinking it was eating something more substantial.

I made a mental note that the beans had 6 grams of protein and the tahini (1/2 serving) was 3 so I had 9 grams of protein. Then I wondered how many grams I am supposed to eat during the day.

It probably doesn’t matter much, I like the way I am getting my protein much better than the horrible tasting powder stuff that the younger humans want for their workouts. That stuff really ruins a good smoothie.

Garbanzo beans (like quinoa) are definitely going to return in a different form in this series. Keep tuned, I know not what I will try tomorrow.




I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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7 comments on “Lettuce Forget the Bun
  1. Dan Antion says:

    I could probably use lettuce instead of a bun. Not my first choice, but I could do it. chick peas, on the other hand, aren’t happening. I really really really don’t like them, not at all. Enjoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joey says:

    I love chick peas, and hummus. I have many times made my own hummus, but honest to goodness, unless you’re going to eat pounds of it a week, it’s cheaper to buy it. I buy mine from the Meijer deli and there’s nothing unnecessary in it, which pleases me.
    Fun Fact, if you cook the chick peas long enough on medium heat and keep adding water and stirring, the skins float to the top and you get creamier hummus.

    Liked by 1 person

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