Protein Packs a Powerful Punch

*This is part of a series I am doing to be healthier. I am calling it the mock lap band surgery. I do not want to get lap band surgery, but I thought it would be interesting to eat as though I have had it. The main focus is to eat more protein, vegetables, and fruits and to stop eating the cheese and crackers that go so well with my wine. I am not a nutritional expert, but I do think it is fun to try new things. If I set out to start some diet eating the same things every day (especially nutritional shakes and such) I know I would be bored and very likely unsuccessful.*

Sorry, if you’re looking for a recipe today I will let you down. I ate the leftovers from last night for lunch and tonight my human is grilling steaks. I will be making a salad for the side, but nothing new and creative will be made.

In a recent post I wrote something about needing protein but not knowing how much protein I should eat. So, because the Internet is so useful and easy to use, I looked into this question. I don’t remember the site, but it said to take your weight and multiply it by 0.38. Now I know I should eat 72 (unit of measurement) of protein each day. Of course my needs will change as I lose weight, but for now that is my goal.

This was a surprise to me. Why? Because my lunch on that day included 9 (unit of measurement) of protein and I really should have 24/meal, assuming I eat 3 meals per day. Well, that made me happy when I realized my grilled chicken had 19 (units) and I did not have to add too much.

Now, I looked further into the reason for protein. I knew it helped change fat to muscle, therefore makes your punches more powerful, but there were other things I did not know. Here is an interesting list of the benefits of protein.

  • increased muscle mass
  • lower your hunger and/or cravings
  • higher metabolism – this means you are more likely to lose the weight
  • greater bone density – lower risk for osteoporosis
  • maintain brain functioning (Alzheimer’s feel my punch – I will knock you out!)
  • might allow you to sleep through the night (fortunately this is not my problem)
  • lowers your blood pressure (could I please stop taking that medicine? I used to have low blood pressure, not so anymore)
  • increases the body’s chance of recovering from injury (My leg took 3 months to heal when it was cut.)
  • I have not seen any reference to this – but I suspect it helps with mood swings – as in keeps us even tempered.


Now, don’t misunderstand this. Humans should not live on protein alone. We need to eat fruits and vegetables, and grains are not bad either. I am still going to avoid the grains in bread, pasta, and crackers for now because I am trying this mock lap band surgery and patients recovering from such surgery are definitely advised not to eat them. Some day I might have some cheese and crackers again, but I suspect they won’t hold the same allure to me after not having it. Time will tell.

If you are missing the new recipe, I will be trying something new tomorrow.

Again, I am not an expert – I am just someone who is trying something new and wishing to inspire others in the process.


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