Body, Mind, and Spirit

Okay, let’s just get it out of the way. Body, Mind and Spirit is a very common phrase. I have been to many Body, Mind and Spirit festivals and workshops. There are a plethora of gurus to whom we may turn for advice on Body, Mind and Spirit. Why title this post in that manner? Because it fits.

In my journey as a blogger I started with the zero to hero guide automatically linked to my site. It is set up as a day to day lesson that demonstrates how to add dimension to a blog. One of the most important suggestions was to “get to know the neighbors”. That means to go to other blogs, read them, comment and build a community.

Who doesn’t want a community? I am thrilled to have a community of individuals who will read my posts, compliment me when I have impressed them, instruct me when I have made an error, and challenge me to be better. Maybe they will even direct me to others whom I might find interesting and send others my way as well. That is what community is about, not just in the blogging world, but in the “real” world as well.

I spent some time just trying out different tags (topics) that I thought would be interesting. I had read a few blogs and then I ventured on to read some of the comments. One comment in particular caught my eye so I clicked on that blogger’s name and found a new blog that I simply had to follow. It is called PRINCESS KICK-ASS. (sorry not quite at the lesson that tells me how to link yet). I loved what she said about actively participating in the blogging world and not just being a passive bystander expecting the world to stop everything and read what you have to say.

Then I came upon another blog called, Geek Diva Gadget Girl. This site is a 21 day challenge to Dream Big. Well, isn’t that perfect for me? I believe it is.

The first challenge is to write your affirmation. I won’t go into what that means, you can refer to her blog if you want an explanation. I just wanted to explain that I started this challenge because I was “getting to know my neighbors” and I believe this is exactly what I am ready to start doing.

My affirmation is: My body and mind are a perfect partnership. They communicate well with each other. Every day my mind thinks with greater clarity. Every day my body becomes stronger, more flexible, and healthier. My body and my mind work together to make each better. They are awesome! They lift my Spirit.

Now, do you see the reason for my title?


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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4 comments on “Body, Mind, and Spirit
  1. suzicate says:

    I googled Geek Diva Gadget Girl and found her blog with the challenge…it sounds exciting. Going to go back and read more of it. I love a challenge that helps me grow within so thank you for sharing this. Sadly, I admit I don’t work as hard at building an online community as I did a few years back. It seems I have so many things I want to do and explore I don’t have enough time to fit it all in.

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  2. I just started my blog so it is all new and exciting to me. I am glad you were able to find her blog.

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