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B is for Belief

So many of us have well established beliefs we don’t even think about other than to say, “This is what I believe.” Most of us don’t even know why we believe what we do. I don’t think we are really born

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Oh Beautiful Universe

Oh beautiful Universe, or God, or Spirit Guides, or Angels, or Fairies, or just plain FATE. Call it what you will, I just love how it/they put everything in perfect order for me. I took this picture yesterday because the

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Creating My Logo, Creating Myself

Okay, I know it does not appear to be white. Trust me, it is a plain white canvas, straight from the market place unaltered in any way from the way it was when it left the factory. It was just

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My Mantra

Day Two, from : (Look, notice, I figured out how to link it! Yippee) Repeat your affirmation often. I realized that I had to change my affirmation so I did. My mind and body are cohesive. I am clear thinking and

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Body, Mind, and Spirit

Okay, let’s just get it out of the way. Body, Mind and Spirit is a very common phrase. I have been to many Body, Mind and Spirit festivals and workshops. There are a plethora of gurus to whom we may

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