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Showing up for Success

I saw Howie Mandel in an interview recently. He was asked to comment about judging for America’s Got Talent. I can’t quote him exactly, but he said he was surprised by how many contestants say they don’t sing at home.

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The Art of Editing

In my attempt to expand my capabilities, I have started to use Scribophile as a new media outlet. I am not sure that is the correct terminology, but bear with me in my quest for becoming a clear writer, PLEASE!

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Don’t Know What to Write? Read

I often think about an author’s book on writing that really affected me. I am not going to mention the author’s name simply because I am going to be insulting and don’t want to be sued for slander. 🙂 When

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I May Have Created a Monster

I signed up for another online course. It is a creative writing class. The instructor suggested setting at least an hour a week devoted to something creative other than daily writing. I find myself drawing. I have not been able

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That Moment When You Realize You Belong in the Water

I have always loved the ocean, at least since I first remember actually walking into the ocean. I was a teenager and I had recently been transported to the area I call the tropics. The ocean is powerful and mighty

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What the Font

Do you see the bunny under the chair? S/He is there, I promise. S/He is much larger now than he was when this pictures was taken. I have moved the chair. The bunny still goes to the same spot and

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Creating a World

I created a new persona when I created this blog. The blog title says it all – the creation of Manee Trautz. It is the creation of my pen name. I decided to start blogging as a way to get

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Some Days Are Made for Mind Trips

One of the characters in my book spends a considerable amount of time on what I think of as a mind trip. She is not able to respond to anything that is happening around her as if she is somewhere

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Me No Writes So Good!

Today is the last day of May. I have completed my challenge. Though I realize that I had embarked upon this challenge with the hope of making the world a more peaceful place and somewhere along the way I stopped

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Oh Beautiful Universe

Oh beautiful Universe, or God, or Spirit Guides, or Angels, or Fairies, or just plain FATE. Call it what you will, I just love how it/they put everything in perfect order for me. I took this picture yesterday because the

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