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What Is This Letter: I l?

In my title of my post I can tell the difference. I know the difference. I don’t know that I would see the difference if I were reading a random post. I shared something on my personal Facebook page regarding

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Take Me Somewhere Exciting

We have been using our wagon to transport wood for our wood burning stove. While there is wood in the house, there is often a wagon-load just outside, in case we need more late at night when it is too

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I am the Life I’ve Lived

I just finished The Tyrant’s Daughter by J. C. Carleson. I read it for book club and am once again surprised by how relevant a book can be. I don’t know how books chosen almost a year in advance can

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New New Jersey

I SEE THE BRIDGE! It’s kind of difficult not to see it when you are where I was at the time. I guess I could have had my eyes closed, or I could have been playing with my phone. Actually

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At Least Nobody Goes Hungry Monday Through Friday

Warning, this may make you think and may even make you disagree with me. If you don’t want to think, or you don’t want to disagree with me because you want to keep your image of me as perfect and

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Don’t Have a Cow!

In the words of that annoying Bart Simpson,  don’t have a cow, man! Really, don’t have a cow. Don’t get so worked up on anything that you forget to appreciate the joy of simply being alive and well and alive.

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