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The Sweet Rewards of Chauffeuring the Employed

It was bound to happen and it finally did. One of the offspring has the ability to drive (and drives quite well indeed) but is only “permitted” to drive with a licensed driver who has had a full-license for over

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Is It Really What It Is?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS July 4/15 Is it really what it is? I challenge you to ask yourself that. You see, one of my favorite humans  often uses that phrase. He simply says, “It is what it is”

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And On The Seventh Day…

No, this is not a Bible based blog, far from it. Still, for the last few days that phrase has been continuously playing through my thoughts. Therefore, it only seemed appropriate for the seventh day of May. REST. We have

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Walt’s Wart

Walt was born a healthy 8 pound boy. His parents loved him dearly and nurtured him so he grew with out a worry in the world. When Walt entered school he was a typical student. His teacher was compassionate and

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Please Say Thank You

I cringe every time I hear someone tell someone to do something. They may think they are asking, but unless they use the word please, it sounds, to me at least, as if they are making a command. As if

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Let Your Smile Be Your Umbrella

“Let your smile be your umbrella!” Yeah, I’m calling the “bullshit card” on this. Really? A smile is going to keep you dry during a downpour? I don’t think so. However….. I was driving my car the other day and

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