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Frosty Flamingos

An odd thing happened in these fair woods last night. When I woke this morning and walked the beast, I noticed the windows in my vehicle were no longer transparent. That was not too surprising; I had seen frost on

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To Know or to Understand

I know I would never join any Armed Services. I never had an interest. First, I am way too lazy to endure boot camp. I cannot do push ups, cannot run long distances, cannot go without sleep or food. I

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And On The Seventh Day…

No, this is not a Bible based blog, far from it. Still, for the last few days that phrase has been continuously playing through my thoughts. Therefore, it only seemed appropriate for the seventh day of May. REST. We have

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Walt’s Wart

Walt was born a healthy 8 pound boy. His parents loved him dearly and nurtured him so he grew with out a worry in the world. When Walt entered school he was a typical student. His teacher was compassionate and

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Please Say Thank You

I cringe every time I hear someone tell someone to do something. They may think they are asking, but unless they use the word please, it sounds, to me at least, as if they are making a command. As if

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