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Alphabet Soup – Y

May your day be Youthful and Yellow. May your enemies be left Yearning.

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Sunshine in the Darkness

It was a very damp day indeed. The clouds either let out a downpour or mist throughout the day. While rain is a very good thing, it can get a little tiring for my happy little garden critters. Fortunately the fairies have

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Home Tweet Home

Sometimes I am simply the luckiest person alive. A loved one is remodeling her kitchen and asked if I wanted this. Well, of course I wanted it. I knew exactly where it would go. It is now hanging in my

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Friendly Weeding Visitor

I did not get to weed this area yet. I’m glad I didn’t. Had a nice visit with a new friend.

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Creating My Logo, Creating Myself

Okay, I know it does not appear to be white. Trust me, it is a plain white canvas, straight from the market place unaltered in any way from the way it was when it left the factory. It was just

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A Place to Sit and Relax

I have a place to sit and relax, to catch up with friends, to toast the day, or to just take a nap. It is a set of wooden chairs that are strategically placed so the occupants may look out

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