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*WARNING – PHOTOS ARE GRAPHIC They may be disturbing and I don’t know how to post them in a way that is hidden unless you click to view. AT THE EDGE OF THE ANGEL GARDEN We last met at the

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Ghostly Gnomes

I love gnomes almost as much as I love flamingos, so I could not let the letter G go by without a mention of them. Don’t these three look ready for an adventure? I think they’re always on the lookout

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Shooting Star

I just saw a shooting star.  My first thought – make a wish. I made a wish. I suspect you might guess what it was. My next thought? What if I died right now? Yes, it makes sense.  A shooting

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Why I Think My Aura is Pink

I never really thought about the color of my aura beyond hoping it was a pleasant sight to those rare people who can see it. I have never been able to see auras though I have tried practicing with methods

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Gone to the Touch, Not to the Soul

I have been working on my Angel/Fairy garden a lot lately. Yesterday I trimmed the Angel tree and dug out saplings. I pulled up all the ivy. Dang you, Grandpa, for thinking English Ivy was so wonderful. I never met

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Hug Your Enemy….

Figuratively, NOT literally. Could you imagine a world where people actually went up to an enemy and hugged them? What would happen? Last night, as I thought about this post, I tried to picture someone hugging an enemy in the

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