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Beep Beep Boop

Okay, here goes. I have completed my beginner’s course for WordPress blogging and I thought I would have been working on this site while still working on the fictional blog. I was wrong. I am scattered and can only do

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Never Stop Learning

I enrolled in an online program to teach me how to blog using WordPress. I would have thought I was learning the basics on my own, but even in the first lesson I learned something new. I am doing this

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Me No Writes So Good!

Today is the last day of May. I have completed my challenge. Though I realize that I had embarked upon this challenge with the hope of making the world a more peaceful place and somewhere along the way I stopped

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Educate Yourself

I wanted to write a book. I wanted to have a blog. I wanted to really understand how someone’s background influenced what they thought and how they acted. Sometimes information is easy to find. I might learn by talking to people

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Oh Beautiful Universe

Oh beautiful Universe, or God, or Spirit Guides, or Angels, or Fairies, or just plain FATE. Call it what you will, I just love how it/they put everything in perfect order for me. I took this picture yesterday because the

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