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A Visitor

My nephew came to visit for a few weeks during the summer. He spent his days in the way most children do. He went exploring the woods, and he went swimming. He was a wonderful visitor and we enjoyed his

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Relaxing Retirement

This is a continuation of my story which began with Faulty Synapses. There may have been signs of changes in the following few years. I was no longer living at home so I did not see my parents on a

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Faulty Synapses

This is my story. Other people passing in and out of this story may see or remember the events portrayed differently. They may wish to argue with the way I describe the events, but this is my story and I

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Some but not the Sum Today’s stream of Consciousness prompt is Some or Sum. When I am asked to give to charity I may be very willing to give some of my money, especially if it is for Alzheimer’s. That is my one charity.


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