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The Blackberry Garden

  Welcome to the Blackberry Garden. Shall we look at it from another angle? Can you tell why it’s called the Blackberry Garden? I suspect it might be a little challenging to see the blackberries. I could only see them

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Twelve Years Later 

My mother gave me seeds for a wildflower garden. I remember planting them and waiting for the flowers. They never grew. Today I found this. It looks like a weed, but it sure is pretty.  It is very fragile, delicate,

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*WARNING – PHOTOS ARE GRAPHIC They may be disturbing and I don’t know how to post them in a way that is hidden unless you click to view. AT THE EDGE OF THE ANGEL GARDEN We last met at the

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Time to Get Out of Hibernation Mode

I swear I have been hibernating lately. I barely get on WordPress and I only get on Twitter on Sunday nights when I have to comment on The Walking Dead. Really – TWD is an obsession that must be experienced

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Flying away Saturday

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS July 18/15 Time flies, and butterflies fly. Flies don’t seem to fly as much as they seem to hover and land on me and my food and anything that would be found to be

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