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Testing YouTube Uploads

I have always been leery of uploading videos without expressed permission, but today’s blogging lesson involves doing this. In this video, the narrator says, “Please subscribe and share with your friends.” It has a share button. It must be alright


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If Only Changing My Body Were this Easy

I have been keeping up with my blogging courses fairly evenly. In other words, I am on the same lesson for both courses and, because both have the same instructor, my last lessons were on theme. On Monday I tried

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Beep Beep Boop

Okay, here goes. I have completed my beginner’s course for WordPress blogging and I thought I would have been working on this site while still working on the fictional blog. I was wrong. I am scattered and can only do

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Never Stop Learning

I enrolled in an online program to teach me how to blog using WordPress. I would have thought I was learning the basics on my own, but even in the first lesson I learned something new. I am doing this

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