Ode to the Code

Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?

The programmer didn’t know the code.

Don’t ask me why someone thought it would be a good idea for me to teach coding to students. I mean, really I know nothing about coding.

Well, that’s not quite true.

I now know a lot more about it than I did six months ago. I mean A LOT MORE.

When I was in high school I took a statistics class for the first semester because I was told we would have computer classes during the last semester. Yeah, well, I work in the school system and I know all about broken promises. That might be why  I don’t make any promises – see my previous post. 

Yeah, no computers = no classes = I know a LOT about statistics and not much about computers.

It was nice to know statistics when I studied Psychology in college, but it hasn’t helped my own offspring who seem to not like statistics. I kept telling them I could help, but you know how kids are, they don’t want Mom’s help.

Moms, on the other hand, have no trouble asking kids for help – especially when it comes to computers. Usually my offspring have been monumentally helpful when it came to anything technological. When it came to teaching code – yeah, not so much.

I have figured out how to get the chicken to cross the road. It’s simple: chicken.x = chicken.x+1. Of course that’s assuming the road is to the right of the chicken and I have somehow managed to create a chicken sprite and a background with a road,…

I can draw with pencil much better than I can with code. I have had a pencil in my hand since I had a hand. At least it feels that way.

I do have a point to this post I promise. I can make the chicken cross the road, it’s getting it to stop when it gets to the other side that baffled me.

So, yes, I spent an entire day relearning all the lessons I have worked on for a month. Guess what? I still can’t get the frog to jumping stop when the key is not pressed, but I can get the chicken to stop, that is assuming I can draw the chicken in the first place.


I just love chicken, especially the Buffalo wing variety. Blue cheese anyone?


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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6 comments on “Ode to the Code
  1. Dan Antion says:

    If I spend the next hour programming a chicken to cross a road, my employer is going to be mad at you. Then again, some things are compelling.

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  2. SD Gates says:

    It all sounds very confusing to me! The last time I tried my hand at coding – was in 7th Grade, thats when computers were enormous, and used the green and white striped paper with the holes on each side of the paper. I took Statistics in college, and my teacher had a very thick foreign accent, and she a cloud of garlic smell in her wake. That is all I remember of my statistics class. I stand in awe of people who work in statistics and coding, because I just don’t get it!!!

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  3. joey says:

    I could go for some wings. And some celery. With ranch. Yes.

    I cannot code. No coding for me. Moo can code. She built a biosphere. With moving animals and branches and waves of water. I could not even believe it. I was so incredibly proud and then I wondered if like, all kids her age can code? Guess not.

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    • No, not all kids can. In my experience most understand the basics, some never get it and some seam to have it pre wired in their brains.
      Sounds like Moo has a gift. I do not have that gift.


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