I Found My Way

I don’t really remember what song it was, but I found myself thinking the words of a Frank Sinatra song this morning. I was preparing to start rearranging things in my house and decided that I would find a Frank Sinatra album on my music app.

I have been listening to him all day. I was surprised to know most of the songs. The songs I don’t know still have me swaying as I move about the house. Even now, as I write, I am listening to his swooning. I can’t usually write with music because I get distracted, yet his songs simply calm me.

I have been thinking about my parents all day. I can imagine them dancing to these songs and that brings me joy. I keep thinking the only reason I know the songs is because my parents always sang when we took long trips in my youth. It’s nice to have the memories and even nicer to have been inspired to find this music so I can sway to the nostalgia.


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4 comments on “I Found My Way
  1. joey says:

    That’s lovely ❤

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    My mother used to listen to those albums when she was doing things around the house – it’s a nice memory – thanks.

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  3. The choral group I’m in is singing The Drunken Sailor. I am hoping to persuade everyone to perform at the Alzheimer’s fundraiser I’m planning… because I know my Dad would love that. It always makes me think of him. Music is such a wonderful window to the soul.

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  4. SD Gates says:

    I listen to Jazz and Ragtime – because my Dad used to ply all that on his piano when I was a kid. Such nice memories!!

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