If Only

If Only I were



More agile, and


I just saw something, from the safety of my balcony, that I don’t remember ever seeing before. 

My human exclaimed, “Look at all the kites.”

Then, we looked closer. They were kite surfing.

This, incredibly talented, being rode all the way to the Edge of the sand, turned, rode the waves and literally flew through the air for an unbelievable period of time.

I could have watched for hours, but he headed north, out of sight.

Oh, if only I were able to play like that!


I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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6 comments on “If Only
  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Those are some cool photos! At first I thought the top one was of a dolphin flipping up out of the water! 🙂

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  2. joey says:

    Oh yeah! That’s magnificent! I should think I would hurl a lot, but I’m sad I didn’t do it when I was younger with a better constitution. I could watch it all day, too! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eli Pacheco says:

    It’s cool the stuff we can see when we stop and pay attention, isn’t it? Glad I’ve made my way back here, friend.

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