Cheers to the Brain Drain

Today is the start of my favorite time of year – Summer Vacation.

I counted the days on my calendar and realized we have 83 days of summer this year. When I realized this, I had a new understanding of why people often complain about the length causing students to forget much of what they learned the previous year because of brain drain. Still, I think there are some benefits to long breaks and I am going to take advantage of them.

I have a practice of reading my Angel Cards in the morning so I can get inspiration. Yesterday and today I received the cards Innocence and Child. I had shuffled the cards well and was surprised to get the same cards, so I read the book to see what it might mean. Then it hit me – the answer was obvious.

I am going to spend the next 83 days the same way I did as an innocent child. I am going to be really nice to my inner child. I am going to drain my brain of stress, worry, fear, insecurity. I am going to spend each day doing whatever I am inspired to do in the moment.

When I was a child in New Jersey, my mother would give us a few coins every week and we would go to the school yard. There was a community park program where some teenagers taught us how to do different crafts. It was the highlight of my summer. I loved trying new crafts. This summer I hope to find new crafts to do and I might even start whittling again. I used to love to whittle with my father’s pocket knife.

We used to spend a lot of our summer weekends at the cabin in the woods, the place I now call home. We didn’t have television here, we didn’t have many friends, or anywhere to walk except the river and the woods. I spent all my time wandering either with my sister or alone. I didn’t fully appreciate it as a child because I wanted friends and television, but now I am definitely going to take advantage of the river, the woods, and the family time.

The best thing about summer is the ability to learn new things and have ample time to really learn it. I am going to learn yoga and meditation. I already know how to meditate and I have tried yoga, but I am really going to focus on becoming better at it. I hope that with practice, I will have a brain drained of any stress, worry, fear  – anything that holds me back from being the person I am meant to be. I want to be able to be tuned into my own soul and disconnected from the constant banter of what should worry me about the world.

This summer I will still go to the library. I might go to the county fair. I hope to go see a Broadway show. There are many things that might take me away from my river home, but not for long. This summer, I am going to be a child again and I am going to enjoy all 83 days.

How about you, any plans for the summer?


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10 comments on “Cheers to the Brain Drain
  1. Anonymous says:

    I would like to yoga. And breathe more deeply.

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  2. joey says:

    Sounds like a fabulous plan to me!
    Typical stuff here — work with the occasional weekend highlight. Reunions, camps for kids, The Mister finishing school, parade, fireworks, garden — sorta the same things every year. Happy things, mostly.
    Get good at and stay consistent with meditation and it will improve you and please you in ways that no one can believe unless they themselves meditate.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Enjoying all 83 days sounds like a good plan. I hope you have good weather for the days you want to be out and about.

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  4. John Holton says:

    The “brain drain” must be something new. I don’t recall ever going through that. Have a good vacation… I’m retired, so every day is a vaccation, sort of…

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