The Blackberry Garden


Welcome to the Blackberry Garden.


Shall we look at it from another angle?


Can you tell why it’s called the Blackberry Garden? I suspect it might be a little challenging to see the blackberries. I could only see them because I knew where they were.

Now, as it is the Blackberry Garden, it seems only logical that the blackberries should be featured and easily visible for easy picking and delicious eating.

Still, this out of shape gardener had to keep asking, should it stay or should it go? After all, many so called weeds are actually flowering plants that pollinators need for survival.


This quandary of deciding what to keep and what to weed is what inspired the gardening challenge in Sentenced to Castle County. So, I will try what the students did and start with what I know. First to go are mint, grass, dandelions and green clover.


The ladybug is definitely a keeper, this mint will remain until she leaves.


Well that’s better, but we are not done, this adventure has only begun.

Now is the time to get rid of these plants that look like trees to me.


Tree-like foliage

Digging out the tree-like plants was quite a challenge, especially when their roots started under the ramp.


I really like the “weed ” in this picture, but it doesn’t belong in my Blackberry Garden. Fortunately I have plenty growing elsewhere.20170603_115945

It is the same reason I didn’t worry about getting rid of the mint, plenty everywhere.


If I wasn’t sure if a plant would be pretty or not, I transplanted it to an area for unknown plants. Time will tell if they are worth saving.

Now, after a day of working, I bet you can tell why this is called my Blackberry Garden. I wonder if I will be able to make a pie.



I love gardening and magical beings. My profile is a garden ready to be created,

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3 comments on “The Blackberry Garden
  1. joey says:

    My blackberries are out in the back 40, and by the time they fruit, I need The Mister to hold back the poison ivy and trumpet vine while I pick them. Bless him. Some years I get enough to bake cobbler and tarts, some years I only get enough to eat.I hope you have a good blackberry year! 😀
    I wish I had mint. I’ve bought the seed, but I haven’t tilled out an area for it — so nervous about how aggressive it is, I might just put it in a container. :/

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