Coming Soon, A Voice

Okay, I admit I got a little behind in my coursework during April. The courses were supposed to be completed at least a week ago and I still have four sessions left. Today is very rainy and this gives me an excuse to sit at my computer.

Now, for the beginning blogging and podcasting – I have made it to the podcasting portion, WOOHOO. Am I the only one that didn’t realize podcasting is simply recording your voice?

I mean, I knew I listened to Howard Stern on a podcast, but I was always used to listening to him on the radio so it wasn’t odd to me. It was his mode of communication. I don’t need to see him, or Robin Quivers, to be able to picture them sitting in the car with me.

When I started to listen to podcasts as part of the classwork, I found it odd that there were no visuals involved. I had to adjust my way of thinking so I considered this the same as listening to the radio. It’s actually pretty cool.

Now I have set up my computer and cell phone in order to be able to record a podcast and in a future lesson I will learn how to edit it. Then I will figure out how to upload it to my blog.

I know I can link Youtube videos to my blog without changing my WordPress plan, but I  am not sure how I will upload the podcast. I am certain it will be in a future lesson. If not, I guess it will be time to upgrade 🙂

Won’t you be excited to hear my voice?


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3 comments on “Coming Soon, A Voice
  1. joey says:

    I do enjoy hearing the voices of those I’ve read 🙂

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  2. Erika says:

    I always thought “podcast” was a fancy word for a video, never watched (well, listened) to one, ha! That sounds exciting!

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